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eCETP is not available for Demonstration! We anticipated a return to the market in the Fourth Quarter.

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The Difference Coin verse Token

Blockchain, a transparent digital ledger, tags transactions with unique “hashes” and drives Bitcoin’s success, promising to transform the digital economy by challenging norms.

Understanding coins versus tokens is key in cryptocurrencies. Coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum operate independently, mimicking traditional money for transactions and value storage.

Tokens on existing blockchains serve various software functions, from access grants to verifying identities and tracking supply chains. Notably, NFTs authenticate uniqueness, even representing physical assets. Ether illustrates token usage on Ethereum, enabling transactions to be constructed and unchangeable.



  • In 2018, the core business structure began to move towards Building Business Partnerships (BBP), emphasizing the Economic Impact initiative to create partnerships for the betterment of lifestyle improvements, providing benefits with rewards.
  • Within 2020, when coupling the development of WebApp, an e-commerce exchange trading platform (eCETP), it became apparent to shift towards building app technology to generate working capital for the Commission Depository Enterprises Platform (CDEP).
  • In the 2024 Third Quarter, before April, the core services will include deploying and administrating a Central Depositary to modulate cryptocurrency issuances globally and as Certificates journalized within CDEP. Establish a Sub-Partner team of selective Blockchain Mining companies of Coins and Tokens. Teaming as partners, introducing their customers to market value certificate trading over competitive liquidity volume trading.

Reduce Your Heating Cost

Modern Absorption Chillers

A cost-effective cooling and heating solution that can better utilize existing thermal energy sources

Specialists In Modern Absorption Chillers

Absorption chiller no matter what the brand, type, age, or size of the facility, including Chiller Startup, Field Assembly, Commissioning, PM Service, Premium Package Service, Warranty, Troubleshooting and repair, Tube Cleaning, HVAC Installation, Building Automation, and Mechanical Room Renovation.

We do all of this while providing complete customer satisfaction, total system responsibility, improved comfort, safety, performance, and energy efficiency throughout the life cycle of your assets.

Request a Free Consultation:

The Sub-Partner principal Officer join IJJ Corporate Board of Directors

The Sub-Partner’s commitment is to prepare their company for expansion and, as the principal Officer, must join the IJJ Corporate Board of Directors to operate the Profit Center, as stipulated within the Merger Agreement, in exchange for funding.

Within 8 months, the Preferred Stock will be ready to fund the expansion plan, and the option to spin out is now executable.

Alternative Options:

  1. Spin-out Option – Executes the terms and conditions, with an option to become an EBP subscriber with selective services.
  2. Continuation of Sub-partnership – The executive staff elects to maintain the board member position, the subsidiary maintains its Business Registration, integrates administrative and operation functions into IJJ Corporation, and the Executive staff converts their profit-sharing position to 25%.
  3. Sub-Partner Joins IJJ Corporation – The board and executive staff maintain operation positions ( term period 24 months). After the steadfast period, IJJ Corporation ownership is 51%, and the Sub-Partner Team is 49%. The Business Maintains its Registration by integrating administrative and operation functions into the IJJ Corporation.

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