eCETP Funding and Payment Processing Service

A Decentralise Donation Contribution Financial Service Platform

(eCETP) – eCommerce Exchange Trading Platform 

eCETP Decentralised Network?

eCETP Decentralised system is a shared replicated control system where nodes (Regional Network Operating Centers (NOCs’) operating on local information, not the instructions of any external commanding influences.

The one common service is the multi-model database management system as the database server for cloud processing. Each Client downloads a module for local processing with managed remote link. License holder with On-premises eCETP apps also get manage remote links.

This form of control is known as A Distributed Ledger Control System (DLCS), which each component of the system is equally responsible for contributing to the global clustering to replicate backups, implicitly aware of these appropriate responses through eCETP campaigns based on interaction at regional levels for donation and contribution, including other frameworks within that environment.

In which autonomous controllers’ distribution is throughout the unified NOCs, but there is no central operator supervisory control, where a NOCs interconnection supporting internal software deployment requirements are administrated.

eCETP Commitments To Business Development:

  • eCETP Business Opportunities creates Jobs starting with the Alliance Partners, State Agents, For-Profit, and Service Providers by deploying resources to support e-commerce by funding real-time requirements.
  • Providing product solutions to set up business lifecycles to produce both profitability with rewards and benefits.
  • It includes working with publicly trading companies and investors to help fund the reporting requirements using restricted assets.
  • eCETP provides the codified process for disbursement of transactions using Ethereum Distributed Ledger Technology.

Funding Projects and Budgetary Programs by deploying resources to support community initiatives within eCETP to fund real-time services cooperatively.

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The Business Objectives:

Create the marketplace where backers can fund Projects and Programs:

The Donation Contribution Platform

eCETP processing services are available 24/7 online 360 days per years with 5 reconciliation days. Providing specific processing services for each membership tax categoy status in accordence to their Member Evidence Clause requirements for Nonprofits and For-Profit entities.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

eCETP is a self-service online donation platform for Alliance Partners to sponsor project or program  campaigns to subscribers.

With approved Memberships all projects and programs are review for sponsoring within 24 hours.

Building Sponsorships

Our goal is to enroll 400,000 Alliance Partners to purchase and sponsored our Donation Backer Package (DBP).
To create 100,000 license Holders within three selected market segments.
For-Profit Campaign sponsors unlimited in US State and other Countries estimate 20,000 with 1,000s of supporting Agents.

Focus Marketing

Our Market Research found 310,000 potential Alliance Partners worldwide in 2018 with fiscal deficit over $13 billion as uncollected taxation and decreases in donation revenues.  Where Donations and Contribution has potential as an alternative working Capital resource.

Sharing Rewards & Benefits
Within a Private membership network sponsoring donations and contribution to their Subscribers:
  • State governments at county levels populations.
  • Nonprofit organizations.
  • For Profit community-based entities.
  • Investors funding Publicly Trading Companies budgets.
Meeting the Member Evidence Clause

To meet regulatory license and permit required to conduct Donation Services all Alliance Members enrollment must possess and maintain current permits applications for membership approval.

eCETP services exclude managing or holding donation or chartable giving’s obtain from donation contribution services. The approval process has measurable acceptance criterions.

A Secured Ecosystem Architecture

eCETP Modules: Donations contribution, Customer Management Subscriptions, and Trading Platform modules allows multiple degrees of security, limiting access to automated services.

The computing and processing services are shared across cloud and Data Center resources, with redundancy, clustering with shared processing services as a Distributed Control System (DCS). 

Customer Service Structured with 252 State Agents

We assign USA States and Abroad Agents as the customer direct support for market and business development services.
The Agent is  essential in supplying support services within assigned regional territories for eCETP by representing their local Alliance Partners.

The Rewards and Benefits

Alliance Partners, publicly Trading Companies, and State Agents will have access to the eCETP $2 billion inventory of Donation Backer Packages.  With up to $240 Billion of donation and contribution receipts transactions.
The rewards have benefit up to 48 to 275 times the DBP cost with working capital, contributes and cash earning as bonus packages.

Let’s Work Together to create Jobs and fund budgetary requirements.

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