The Expansion Plan Structure

C-Level Sub-Partner Structure

Why C-level Sub-Partners

The C-Level Sub-Partner maintains the President Position and is on IJJ Corporation the Board of Directors.

The primary role is continue to operate the Subsidiary as a Profit Center and to prepare the their for the expansion operations to increase sales and their customer base

Building Business Partnership

  1. To establish diversified revenue streams as a FurtureTech in emerging digital assets, a forerunner in defining Fintech technologies, and new market expansions to finance Core Business Initiatives.

  2. We offer subsidiaries a 18 month incubation period, which includes a block of Preferred Convertible Stock assigned to their company, with maturity period from 8 to 12 months

Our Partnership Expansion Platform

Sub-Partnership must have an existing business with an expansion plan and needs working capital.
  1. Merge as a subsidiary, participate in an incubation period between 12 to 18 months.
  2. The merger is for 51 to 100% Management control.
  3. Subsidiary converts to Profit Center within negotiated terms per Sub-Partnership.
  4. The Expansion includes Sub-partnership Principal joining the Board of Directors during incubation.
  5. The company will receive a block of Preferred convertible stock as part of the exit strategy.
  6. Plus, as a Board of Directors member, the Original Owner has autonomy over the operation.

More Details are provided during the initial interview

The Sub-Partner Program and benefits:

Sub-Partner has full access to Essential Business Application (EBA), a powerful full-service business enterprise application. The EBA network supports every Business Processing as a Service (BPaaS) and integrates collaborative departmental services

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