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IJJ Corporation (IJJCorp) (OTC: IJJP) was acquired October 2003 as Sun & Surf by Management Solutions & System Corporation. 

In February 2004, the publicly Trading Company’s name was changed now Doing Business As IJJCorp.

Our IT Consulting History Since 1998

IJJ Corp history started as a diversified technologies company focused on developing high-tech solutions.
The primary customer base where government and private sectors to accelerate decision making through rapid information gathering and processing.

The Company’s technologies included:

  • Data and Video Conferencing Solutions
  • Disaster Shelter Management and First Responder Systems
  • Enterprise Management Power Suites
  • IT Management and Consulting Services
  • Mobile Disaster Management Systems
  • Network Operation Centers
  • Rapid Voice Data Transfer
  • Secure Data Center Services
  • Voice Over Internet Protocol

Current products are slated for Upgrades and reactivation:

Business Unit Tools

  • Disaster Shelter Recovery System
  • Enterprise Business Level Management Tool
  • Management Power Suite
  • Mobile Disaster Management Systems

Key Performance Indicator Dashboards

  • Customized Data Point to KPI
  • Interactive Departmental Collaboration
  • Professional Business Categories
  • Visual Graphic Metric Reports

Additional Services are also in planning:

IT Management

  1. Business process re-engineering
  2. Independent verification and validation Requirements analysis
  3. Pre-implementation services
  4. Strategic planning

Consulting Services

  • API Hosting
  • Network Operating Centers Deployments
  • Secure Data Center Services

eCETP Customizable KPI Dashboards

Downloadable Online Application Interface

Online video tutorials instructional content

eCETP Database Full Control of all Assets

Cyber Security Cloud Services

Data Recovery and Backup Plan

The features provided to Alliance Partners and State Agents.

IJJCorp is not a Donation Sponsor. We preovide the software as a Service Only.

It is essential to maintain clearly define levels of autonomy between IJJCorp with all Alliance Partners.  In the USA, States provide regulatory provisions associated with conducting Donation Campaigns.

Alliance Partner downlaod a Remote application to manage their Donation Campaigns:

To meet State provisions eCETP provides an interface module for the Alliance Partner to install locally with remote and local data controls. The module transfers full control of all subscribers, Donation collections and marketing data storage at the Alliance Partner facility.

IT and Software Experts

Years Of Data Processing and IT Experience

Historical Satisfied Clients

Why Choose Us?

We Give One go reason to Join!

This a “NO COMMITMENT” to Join!

  1. Through the Mandatory Training Program, we provide qualified Prospective Alliance Partners the funding for their Registration.
  2. We provide all the resources, with training on how to deploy, launch and run a donation campaign earning  up to $6,000 or 48 times the minimum Registration fee of $50.

Other Reasons To Join

  1. First, the Alliance Partner should currently have or has forecasted future budgetary deficits resulting from a lack of funding to meet operating requirements.
  2. The reason to choose can also be group depended with specific financial positions, budgetary, and present-day funding issues.
  3. Our customer base has specific funding concerns and is seeking real-time results at once, short, and long-term outcomes.
  4. After the training trial period the benefits are between 48 to 275 times the cost to sponsor a donation campaign.


Its great rewards and benefit
No commitments other than the time allocated for the 14-day training program before enrollment.
Pre-qualified to receive a free $50 Donator Backer Package during training for a live trial donation campaign to receive working capital.
For-Profit $3,600 distributed as a donation, while receiving a contribution up to $2,400 and the Nonprofit 501c3 produces $6,000.
Earning between 48 to 120 times the $50 account activation requirement.

eCETP provides a near real-time use case process to generating working capital.

eCETP Business Process can project predictable funding levels based on the alliance partner subscriber’s commitment categories.

eCETP deploys end user’s dashboards with Key Performance Indicators to assist in calculating funding trends, sessional and verifiable projections.

We are targeting prospective Alliance Partners to engage in the eCETP community builder know-how, where their donors’ can option to convert into a subscriber and commit to civil and social based economic impact agendas.

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