The Partnership Platform Providing Diversified Business Initiatives

The Core Business platform is FinTech, utilizing internal WebApps to finance business initiatives such as Business Processing as a Service (BPaaS):

  1. Building Business Partnership (BBP) within our Social Responsibility Commitments (SRC).
  2. The Commission Depository Enterprise Platform (CDEP).
  3. Carbon Credit Exchange Platform (CCEP).
  4. Deploying Network Operating Center (NOC) with Essential Business Applications (EBA).
  5. Establishing Qualified Opportunity Fund with Corporate Partners (QOF).
  6. Funding the Revitalized Renaissance Project (RRP).

Securitized Certificated Cryptocurencies

Trade as Secured transaction on CDEP

eCommerce Exchange Trading Platform

Donation & Contribution Service

Microgrid Green Power, Climate | Energy Saving

Carbon Reduction Power EGR Equipment

Essential Business WebApps

Business Enterprise Content Websites

Cannabis Hemp Plant Products Line

Specialized Product Distribution

The Corporate Structure

The Business Structure

Profit Centers as C-level with Sub-Partners

The formulation of companies’ Sub-Partners (Subsidiaries) assembled as team structures with resources to engage an industry fully funded.

Our Structure Builds Business Partnerships

Building Business Partnerships (BBP)

The core business platform employs a Hybrid-FinTech model, leveraging internal WebApps to fund various business initiatives.
Our goal encompasses establishing diversified income streams within the Digital Asset and Carbon Credit Revolution realms.

Business Initaitives under the SRC and BBP

Acquisition and Merger:

Audited Financial increases

First Order of Business:

  1. Submit Edgar SEC Audited Financials and Management Disclosures.
  2. To merge into an OTCQB Public company.
  3. IJJ Corporation is the successor.
  4. Registered Shareholders exceed 100.
  5. Deploy Digital Management Services.

The Revitalize Renaissance Program (RRP) seeks the active involvement of Fortune 2500 (T2500) U.S. companies in collaboration with IJJ Corporation to drive economic impact within the U.S. Opportunity Zones.

Revitalization Renaissance program

BBP and SCR Project for USA Opportunity Zone

The Commission Depository Enterprises Platform (CDEP) oversees the registration of Blockchain Mining companies' Coins and Tokens as tradeable certificates.

The Modulation Crypto into Certificate Securities

IJJ Corporation CDEP project

We are deploying the eCETP function to offer non-profit organizations a range of secure enterprise network solutions. The primary objective is to establish a donation portal for Fortune 2500 (T2500) companies participating in the RRP (Revitalize Renaissance Program).

eCommerce Exchange Trading Platform (eCETP)

Donation and Contribution Platform for Notprofits

The Digital Marketing Department strategy seamlessly merges business development into our branding, using in-house strengths to drive traffic to WebApps, engage customers, and boost sales. Daily result analysis and adaptive strategies ensure continual optimization. In addition, providing a list of commerical retail products and services.

Digital marketing Services

The DMS and RS is sales generator and focus point of company sucess going forward in digtial asset market

We are upgrading the Essential Business Applications (EBA) to the latest DevApp coding, enabling the deployment of internal administrative, accounting, and human resources functions, as well as customer subscription services.

Business Processing as Service (BPaas)

Essential Business Applicarion

Sub-Partnership incubation typically spans a duration of 12 to 18 months and requires applicants to have an established business with expansion plans that necessitate additional working capital..

Our Partnership Expansion Platform

Merge as a Subsidiary Profit Center

A New Era of Finance

The Partner Pathway

Together with our partners, wee'er building a more inclusive financial system where more people and enterprises have access to better, funding business expansion as a bulletproof to secure financial services.

Become Sub-Partner

Acquire Funding for expansion projects using our unique incubation program.

Revitalized Renaissance Project (RRP).

RRP requires large Corporations to donate taxable profits to rebuilding American Opportunity Zones, investing in technology manufacturing, creating Jobs by using 2017 Tax cut, with the Job Acts as a Qualifies Opportunity Fund (QOF).

Invest in CDEP

The Commission Depostroy Enterprise Platform to Securitize Cryptocurrenices as Tradable Block in Certificate

Join the Community

Please participate in the future of CDEP by giving your opinion on our internal political agenda to regulate and where Government will eliminate decentralized Crypto Blockchain, as you know.

Blockchain Mining Companies

Join the team by registering to participate in the evolution of Cryptocurrency becoming a digital certifcated in regulatory enterprise.

Companies with Tradable Coins |Tokens Register with CDEP

Contact your Mining company via CDEP Transfer Agents to get started in certifying Digital assets. The Crypto market lanscape is changing by Government worldwide.

CDEP market Launch

in 3 simple steps!

Stabilized Crypto as Centralized Holdings

Creating Second Era Securitizing Cryptocurrencies for trading.

Verify identifiable Registered Companies

For the security of your assets with disclosure Reports Quarterly.

Transfer Agents providing accountability on transactions

Transactions publicly available as verifiable journal entries.

Clearninghouse Broker Processing

Restriction released with street name and cleared for broker trading only.

Our 5 year month enrollment Initiatives:

To achieve our objective, the following enrollment capture plan integrates a series of milestones aimed at establishing CDEP as a leading depository for regulated Cryptocurrency certificates on a global scale.

Crypto Mining Companies

1,322 Enrolled

Crypto Cert Traders


Hourly Trading

2.750 Million

Annual Revenue 1st yr.

$37.64 Million

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