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Business Synopsis:

IJJ Corp is providing a product titled the Donator Backer Package, Software as a Service (SaaS) and outsourcing a list of professional services.  The eCETP platform will deliver accounting and reporting services, provides Donors’ a user-friendly experience, and the Alliance Partner an intuitive donation dashboard.

All donations and Contributions are direct transfers to banking services controlled by the Alliance Partner.

We are not providing donors, nor controlling Alliance Partners subscribers’ listings, nor participating jointly in a donation contribution campaign with any Alliance Partner member.

The Target Marketplace:

Our Target Market is a restricted membership with respect to Alliance Partners to utilize eCETP for sponsoring donations and contribution to the following:

  • State governments at county levels populations.
  • Nonprofit organizations subscribers.
  • For Profit community-based entities subscribers.
  • Publicy Trading Companies.
  • Investor and Service Provider Partnerships.

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Our Target Market

eCETP 2 Multi Purpose Products:

IJJC Products

Donator Backer Package

Retainer Account: ERC-777:

Buy 1-Retainer
Get Account Receipts

The ERC-777 once reacquired it is repurposed into the retainer folder for ERC-223 transactions as donor Account receipts. 

ERC standard Token records transactions metadata as  userData and operator Data field.

Donor Package

Account Receipts: ERC-223:

Buy 1-Account Receipt
Get 2 Free Account Receipts

The ERC-223 sends and receives fiat data as the Account Receipt record as a Fiat Transactions.

The ERC-223 becomes a Block of record donor financial transactions assigned to its Retainer Account. The Donation and Contribution also includes sponsored Donor option plans.

The Product Vision:

Our vision includes the expansion of Ethereum as a utility to produce trustful standards as proof-of-work to proof-of-stake, where the ERC technology becomes the underpinning utility to manage the Investors equitably shared interest.

The ERC Tokens offer an exceptional utility as an account for recording credits and debits, and provides archive functionality when integrated with Hyper Enterprise , provides the Distributed Ledger Technology (DTL) as a digital system for recording the of assets.

Servicing as a utility, the ERC computing features provides a basis for using the ERC as an account within the eCETP, where donors’ deposits are monetary transaction and ERC is the receipt and not exchanged for currency.

Ethereum Request for Comment Standards (ERC):

ERC-777 Repurposing:

ERC standard beomes the Retainer Folder to receive ERC-223 deposit, withdrawals, (credit/Debt) Transactions from received ERC Account Receipts. The repurpose token will manage donation transactions as the archive repository of ERC-223 as the Donor Account Receipt record.


ERC-223 Account Receipt:

Once processed the ERC-223 becomes a journal ledger entry and stays inactive until reconciliation closes the Sponsored Campaign.

We Created Preset Pricing

Preset Pricing:

Preset pricing establishes acceptable currency values used in calculating equations and formulas for Rewards and Benefits tables.

It also will create historical trading and exchange pricing for the IJJ Token.

Projects Now

ECETP Donation Contribtion Module

Steering Committee Progress

Virtual Training Program

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Project News

eCETP Training Program

eCETP Training Program

The Training Programs Training Program are free to all Alliance Partner. Training services are offered for Alliance Partners interested in sponsor funding campaigns or interested in obtaining eCETP License. eCETP training provide an intuitive list of training options at various level of learning. As Software a as Service (SaaS) the entire experiences is online.  All training [...]

Alliance Partner Programs

Alliance Partner Programs

Alliance Partner Program Alliance Partners represent the Distribution Channel for donation as the eCETP registered membership. The Following Information Is An Overview Of  The Alliance Partner. User InformationHome About Alliance Partners Pricing IJJCoin Key Information Licenses News Public Companies Services Training The  Alliance Partners Role The Customer Alliance Partners are members from the Target Market [...]

Alliance Partner License Holders Program Summary

Alliance Partner License Holders Program Summary

eCETP License Alliance Partner License Program Volume Commitment Plan Alliance Partner License Program: Introduction: The license is for Alliance Partner interested in owning a Blockchain using cryptographic with fiat money as a hybrid donation and contribution platform. The platform is for processing cryptographic distributed Ledger  Technology (DLT) Transactions as proof of concept that authenticate, track, and [...]

The Evidence Membership Clause

The Evidence Membership Clause

The Members Evidence Clause The Member Evidence Clause ensures that our membership within our Targeted markets are properly represented as a flag ship Alliance Partner. To offer Options to participate in Rewards with Benefits within various programs. In concert with IJJC assurances we have provided every measurement to save guard the Alliance Partner interest, while [...]

Mandatory Training Program:

Mandatory Training Program:

Training Program IJJ Corp learning Management Software: Budget: $45,000 Scope: The Virtual Training is Donation Contribution module for Mandatory Training Program. The Learning Management approach is Virtual training fundamentally a classroom training that replicates the experience online, in real-time. The Virtual training is both live and Video courses and structural illustrations. Training is an interactive [...]

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Steering Committee Project:

Steering Committee Project:

The Steering Committee Agenda The Steering committees will become the advisory body of senior stakeholders and specific industry experts to provide guidance on different issues the company will face, such as budgets, where 50% of net income is dedicated to social economic impact commitments, company policy, marketing strategies, and project management concerns. Budget: $15,000 onboarding [...]

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ECETP Donation Contribution Module:

ECETP Donation Contribution Module:

Self-Funding eCETP Campaign Module Project: eCETP Anticipate Online Schedule. Budget: $60,000 Delivery Schedule: eCETP anticipates operational launch requires 4 to 6 months of application development, beta testing once funded. Project: Online and group video training programs. Budget: $25,000 Delivery Schedule: Development with start once eCETP development enter its staging live hosting during performance level beta [...]

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The Business Objectives:

The Solution Create the marketplace, where backers can fund Projects and Programs:

The Solution Create the marketplace, where backers can fund Projects and Programs:

Building Alliance

Our goal:

  • Enroll 400,000 Alliance Partners
  • Acquire 40,000 license Holders
  • 500 Partnerships with publicly trading companies and investors exchanging restricted for funding.
  • Establishing a 200 member social impact Union.
Focus Marketing

Our Market Research found 310,000 potential Alliance Partners worldwide in 2018 with fiscal deficit over $13 billion as uncollected taxation and decreases in donation revenues.

With over 500,000 Nonprofits and Corporation donating to charity pools worldwide.

Where Donations and Contribution has potential as an alternative working Capital resource.

Sharing Rewards & Benefits

Within a Private membership network sponsoring donations and contribution to their Subscribers:

  • State governments at county levels populations.
  • Nonprofit organizations.
  • For Profit community-based entities.
Economic Impact
  • eCETP Business Opportunities creates Jobs starting with the Alliance Partners, State Agents, Service Providers by deploying resources to support e-commerce by funding real-time requirements.
  • A product lifecycles with long-term profitability, rewards, and benefits.
  • eECTP economic impact is $240 Billion of donations within 5 to 10 years.
  • Donating 50% of eCETP net profit to job trading and Vulnerable Community Development Framework (VCDF) with corporate teaming partners. 

Let’s Work Together to create Jobs and fund budgetary requirements.

Contact us to discuss to we fund requirement.

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