Management Consultant Services

Consultant Service Public Companies.

Service are provided under a consultant service agreement.

  1. The services range for Interim CEO services.
  2. CFO Financial Service Quarterly.
  3. Annual reporting service preparation.
  4. structuring for merger and funding documents.

The services range

  • Interim CEO services.
  • CFO Financial Service Quarterly and Annual reporting
  • Restructuring for merger
  • Funding Support Documents
  • Investment Bank Service
  • Investor Relation Services

Project Categories

Select the Service Category that applies to you requirements:

Interim CEO Services or CFO Financial Services

We offer preparation support for annual and quarterly management discussions and financial reports using schedule management services. Our routine procedures ensure the accumulation of report data well in advance of submission deadlines.

Public Company Investment Restructuring Package:

Packaged Merger Restructuring with Recapitalization and Amending Article of Incorporation with Funding Support Documentation to SEC Filing the Material Event.

Investment Banker and Investor Relations team

Our division provide investors with an accurate account of company affairs. for institutional investors make informed decisions decisions on whether to invest in the company.

Product designer Services

Our inventory of landing and order processing service pages allow for customization and opt-ins, lead generation and subscription services.

Digital marketing Services

Graphic automation for Marketing - Search Engine Marketing Optinization DMI Certified Digital Marketing Professional & an AMA Professional Certified Marketer Expertise.

Project Manager Service

We have various Project managers and business tools to help the processing to met your deadlines.

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