Business Initaitives under the SRC and BBP

Core Business platform will evolve into a FinTech business model utilizing internal WebApps to finance business initiatives. Our objective includes creating divsified income streams within the Digital Asset and Carbon Credit Revolution.

Acquisition and Merger:

Audited Financial increases investor Confidence.

First Order of Business:

  1. Submit Edgarized Audited Financial and Disclosures.
  2. To merge into an OTCQB Public company.
  3. IJJ Corporation is the successor.
  4. Registered Shareholders exceed 100.
  5. Deploy Digital Management Services.

The Revitalize Renaissance Program (RRP) will engage fortune 2500 (T2500) US companies to participate with IJJ Corporation Economic Impact in the US Opportunity Zones.

Revitalization Renaissance program

BBP and SCR Project for USA Opportunity Zone

The Commission Depository Enterprises Platform (CDEP) regulates Blockchain Mining companies Coin and Tokens register as a tradable certificates.

The Modulation Crypto into Certificate Securities

IJJ Corporation CDEP project

Deploy eCETP function to provide Non-profits with enexpensive allterative that provide secured enterprise network. The core purpose is proving the T2500 companies a donation portal for RRP.

eCommerce Exchange Trading Platform (eCETP)

Donation and Contribution Platform for Notprofits

Acquire a Marjana Hemp Plant company with specifying products for customers with existing distribution channels. The company has expansion plants and new products for Carbon Credit Reductions Exchange Services.

Specialize Marijuana Hemp Producer

Prodcing Raw Materal for decordicating, bio-refining, pressing, grinding and extracting.

Essential Business Applications (EBA) Upgrade to current DevApp Coding to deploy administrative, accounting, and Human Resources internally and customer subscriptions services.

Business Processing as Service (BPaas)

Essential Business Applicarion

Sub-Partnership incubation 12 to 18 months. Must have an existing business with an expansion plan and needs working capital.

Our Partnership Expansion Platform

Merge as a Subsidiary Profit Center

Our 18 month enrollment Initatives

To meet our objective the enrollment capture plan incorporates a combination of achievements designed to propel CDEP a mainstream depository for securitized certificates for regulating Cryptocurrencies worldwide.

Crypto Mining Companies

1,322 Enrolled

Crypto Cert Traders


Hourly Trading

2.750 Million

Annual Revenue 1st yr.

$37.64 Million