Identifiable Registered Companies

Our Four solutions to address Cryptocurrency to Incorporate Equity Market Values:

The Transfer Agent

Transfer Registration Agencies In the Cryptocurrency market space, no Transfer Agents exist to register crypto transfers between the issuer, investors, exchange, and traders as buyers. Thus, no standardized method exists to determine who produces or buys the distributed currency.

Settlement – Retail and Individuals

The Cash conversion for the cryptocurrency on the Buyer side transactions is under-serviced. Three leading issues in the transaction occur due to anti-money laundering rules, fluctuating crypto pricing, and deposit cash holding periods. Our solution will eliminate those concerns by implementing standard secured pre-cash deposit requirements.

Creating Market Value Trading

Securitizing cryptocurrency coins/tokens via a regulated platform is crucial for revolutionizing the cloned blockchain marketplace.

In the realm of public companies, SEC registration and oversight by Transfer Agents and market makers determine stock valuation. Conversely, the cryptocurrency market lacks these regulatory elements beyond ICOs/IEOs, leading to our solution: a Depositor Trust integrating Transfer Agents, Regulated Brokers, and oversight bodies.

This ensures stable unit prices, preventing disruptions in public company trading. Additionally, our platform centralizes tokens, enabling real-time transactions among Market Makers and Brokers, eliminating delays and fluctuations across exchanges.

Pricing, set by Investment Bankers, mandates genuine business operations for token trading registration.

Converting Liquidity to Equity

The volume trading is based on liquidity mainly because the creator has a clone version without supporting assets in an unregulated market space and promotes its tokens volume without staging requirements.

Thus, the token owner can create buying and selling via a third party to stimulate activities to draw in traffic.

However, now exchanges have been investigated for unfair practices and have started screening clone token holders to avoid SEC scrutiny.

Our approach starts with independent pricing evaluations, registration for the company, and deploying services for the investors (Buyers) to review current financials, disclosure information, and news.

Once approved, the token will have an individual trading module, where its market becomes a Buyer and Seller trading portal supported by investor boards and an in-kind Marketplace.