• In 2018, the core business structure began to move towards Building Business Partnerships (BBP), emphasizing the Economic Impact initiative to create partnerships for the betterment of lifestyle improvements, providing benefits with rewards.
  • Within 2020, when coupling the development of WebApp, an e-commerce exchange trading platform (eCETP), it became apparent to shift towards building app technology to generate working capital for the Commission Depository Enterprises Platform (CDEP).
  • In the 2024 Third Quarter, before April, the core services will include deploying and administrating a Central Depositary to modulate cryptocurrency issuances globally and as Certificates journalized within CDEP. Establish a Sub-Partner team of selective Blockchain Mining companies of Coins and Tokens. Teaming as partners, introducing their customers to market value certificate trading over competitive liquidity volume trading.

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Culture Centric Platform

Discover IJJ Corp’s Culture-Centric Asset Exchange Platform At IJJ Corp, our asset exchange platform is revolutionizing the cryptocurrency landscape by emphasizing shareholder values, transparency, and...

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