Our Primary Objective

Deploy a Regulatory Commission to register Cryptographic Coins and Tokens as a central depository.

Change is Enviable

IJJ is an Early-Stage Innovator with 4 Objectives:

  1. To create Partnerships Ecosystems as Economic Impact Initiatives for Humanity within the USA Opportunity Zone utilizing the Qualified Opportunity Fund.
  2. Develop Partnerships with companies with similar principles as their Social Responsibility Commitment to Fund Improvement and Betterment Programs and Projects.
  3. Establish Additional Revenue Streams to support the RRP program, successfully implement eCETP into T2500, and fund CDEP deployment.
  4. To deploy the first Regulatory Commission to register Cryptographic Coins and Tokens as a Central Depository.

IJJ Corp background

Correct this sentence: IJJ Corp was acquired in October 2003 by an Information Technology (IT) Company, Management Systems and Solution Incorporated (MSSI), in Capitol Heights, MD. MSSI was founded 1998 as a Federal and State Government and Department of Defense Contractor. MSSI developed several enterprise applications, supporting 9,000 locations with 116 employees.

The Culture of IJJ Corporation’s focus was IT and software applications for business processing services. During the IJJ/MSSI era, several developments were before their time to be accepted in many industries. In contrast, today, several of them are now mainstream in edge technologies such as Business Processing as a Service. Reverse engineering was a platform to increase productivity and performance and provide decision indicators in the late 1990s and early 2005.

In January 2021, IJJ Corporation accomplished a 51 percent stock exchange with Montech, Inc. as Mania Florida Company. Montech is a Blockchain and enterprise WebApp development company with over 26 Intellectual Properties in the Blockchain and business application space with 25 developers worldwide.

Why are regulatory constraints always Under consideration?

Why invest:

The Investment Opportunity:

The All-Encompassing Solution: First, we predict the next three years represent the last opportunist window to embed an independent Blockchain securitized solution into the digital currency transformation of the blockchain industry.

After that period, being potentially faced with Government preparations for politics with entrenched lobbyists with influencing positions seeking benefits to controlling Cryptocurrencies will create their defense arguments for deploying an independent operation like CDEP.

The application will govern solutions like an OTC Market profiling and apply Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation (DTCC) and Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) structures.

The Blockchain industry globally operates independently from a Country’s ability to monitorization or regulatory controls to safeguard investors from the growing number of bad actors in the Blockchain cryptocurrency marketplace.

In today’s Crypto market, primary Blockchain offers cloning to minted subset coins and tokens, creating a Digital currency industry.

The primary value for Cloned Currency is solely based on liquidity or classified as Volume Trading on exchange platforms. In addition, Cryptocurrency is traded and used to purchase goods and services, which can be excluded from the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) numbers and bypass taxes.

The challenge is Coming for the Digital Asset Marketspace.

Over a dozen governments of the 195 Sovereign States have converted their currency into digitized assets to eliminate their paper and coin change systems. However, their overwhelming challenge is integrating and replacing the old, outdated currencies within their countries.

The CDEP application will securitize Crypto processing by converting Crypto into market trading equity based on a business’s market value, which includes trading volumes while maintaining real-time transaction processing to formulate auditable checks and balances for investors.

” Does unsecured Cryptocurrency encroachment raise the attention of governments worldwide?
Of Course, It Does!

  • Standardize Cryptocurrency to match Publicly Traded Securities.
  • Allowing businesses to raise working capital under structured guidelines.
  • Establish trading as a retail investor service.
  • Implement a Transfer Agent operation integrated with a Broker Dealer Network, with clearinghouse approval over all trading transactions.

Our approach will implement:

How to Capture Cloning Blockchain Mining Customers:

The strategy is fundamentally simple: fund it!

  • Offer 10 leading Blockchain developers offering cloning services with a payment of $X to join CDEP, and we provide the forms to list details on their company.
    • Included is their announcement for cloners to list their crypto assets and provide them with registration forms endorsed by the Blockchain.
  • The first X number of Cloners receive complimentary registration, transfer Agent, and Broker Fees during the first year.
    • Included is their announcement for investors to trade on the private trading board.
    • Offer a discount for investors to purchase tokens/coins as certificates via a transfer agent.
    • Brokers of discounted clearance fees, i.e., 60% for the first 5 filings.

Our Four solutions to address Cryptocurrency to Incorporate Equity Market Values:

Settlement – Retail and Individuals

The Cash conversion for the Cryptocurrency on the Buyer side transactions is under-serviced. Three leading issues in the transaction occur due to anti-money laundering rules, fluctuating crypto pricing, and deposit cash holding periods.

Our solution will eliminate those concerns by implementing standard secured pre-cash deposit requirements.

Creating Market Value Trading

The Cryptocurrency coin/token must be securitized under a regulated platform to change Market the Cloned Blockchain marketplace. A business is incorporated in the Public Company marketplace and registered with the Security Exchange Commission. Next, a Transfer Agent must maintain a journal ledger of all stock transactions. Lastly, the company receives an evaluation market maker. A bank institution where there is a stock Price determined.

In the Cryptocurrency market, there are no Transfer Agents nor any central registration other than the exchanges conducting an ICO or IEO, which as approved greatly but not regulated.

Our Solution is a Depositor Trust that incorporates Transfer agents, Regulated Brokers, and administrative monitoring agencies that share statistical data to determine the unit price based on the type of coin/Token that can stop a Public Company from Trading.

Secondly, without the above institutional organizations providing a signal portal for trading as an enterprise for Coin/Token, pricing fluctuation occurs where multiple exchanges dependently operate, creating delayed updates per exchange and cancellations.

Our platform solution moves the token to a single enterprise trading module where Market Makers and Brokers share one live viewer showing real-time buyer and sell transactions without delays. Secondly, each token will require an Investment Banker to set the initial unit price, which will require an actual business operation to register to trade the tokens.

Converting Liquidity to Equity

The volume trading is based on liquidity mainly because the creator has a clone version without supporting assets in an unregulated market space and promotes its tokens volume without staging requirements.

Thus, the token owner can create buying and selling via a third party to stimulate activities to draw in traffic. However, exchanges have been investigated for unfair practices and have started screening clone token holders to avoid  SEC scrutiny.

Our approach starts with independent pricing evaluations, registration for the company, and deploying services for the investors (Buyers) to review current financials, disclosure information, and news.

Once approved, the token will have an individual trading module, where its market becomes a Buyer and Seller trading portal supported by investor boards and an in-kind Marketplace.

Transfer Registration Agencies

In the Cryptocurrency market space, no Transfer Agents exist to register crypto transfers between the issuer, investors, exchange, and traders as buyers. Thus, no standardized method exists to determine who produces or buys the distributed currency.

Without Transfer Agents providing the means for checks and balances, the exchange relies on hundreds of token clone producers to provide essential information. This lack of shared information allows the producer and exchange the freedom to produce and sell at any price. Plus, they should close their business without penalties or obligation to anyone.

The Investor (Buyers) Crypto trading market space access is limited information. For example, there is no Clone Cryptocurrency central register and no trading data on what is outstanding, authorized, and updated on categories of tradable currency volumes.

Our approach will implement Transfer Agency branches severing between the crypto issuer and the broker agencies, providing archived past and current recorded ownership changes, maintaining the issuer’s cryptocurrency holder records, canceling and issuing certificates, and distributing dividends.

In addition, the Transfer agent will provide upline updates into a module as a Central Depository service with information available to SEC as required.

Primary Six CDEP Modules:

Central Information Registration

The Enterprise core is the Crypto Depository Commission (ECDC), linked with Global Business Registration Clearance Data (GBRCD) centers.

Deposit Trust Clearing Service

The settlement approval is linked to the Global Crypto Distribution Center (GCDC) and settlements for institutional trades within the Global Retail Crypto Distribution Center (GRCDC).

Level 2 Trading Platform

A Retail Broker-Dealer enterprise web applications console used to submit bids, ask requests, and allow trading service with 24/7 365 self-service Trading.

Transfer Agents for Crypto Issuers

The TA application interface will manage issuers’ ledger, client transactions, and related services with a complete interlinking transfer of updated data sharing and collaboration features.

Market Makers & Broker Services

Establish working relationships with Banks valuations and Market Makers in the respective industry to foster pricing and track change directly impacting each token/coin’s validity.

Regulate Crypto Currency Issuers

The data captured within Central Information Registration issues business control accounts and symbols for Cryptocurrency issuers for circulation as essential Mega tag identification.