Saturday, December 10, 2022


Policies and Terms

Important Disclaimers


Nothing in any documents or other publications by IJJ Corporation constitutes a prospectus of any solicitation for investment.  Nor is any way pertain to an offering or a solicitation of an offer to buy any securities in any authority. The document is composed following and is not evading any laws or regulations of any jurisdiction designed to protect investors.

This White Paper contains certain statements, estimates, and financial information that constitute forward-looking or Pro-forma statements and news. Such statements or information involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties that may cause actual events or results to differ materially from the estimates or the results implied or expressed in such forward-looking statements.

Nothing published by or republished about IJJCorp and Blockchain or any of its subsidiaries should be taken as investment advice.  Information is provided for education and to inform the reader of business purposes only.  IJJCorp Blockchain is in no way providing trading or investment advice.  Please consult with your appropriate licensed professional before making any financial transactions, including any investments related to ideas or opinions expressed, past, present, or future by the entities and any future entities that may operate under the parent entities.

When using Digital cryptographic, there are governess requirements when using virtual digital products that dictate managing accountability to operate in the USA and abroad as a donation service provider. Therefore IJJ Corporation will mint its tokens for the Soft and Hard Cap Capital Raise.  All tickets supplied and used from the initial token supply to token Exchange and mint for internal usage come for our Initial Token Supply titled: ITS.

Addressing Global Regulatory Requirements

There are challenges in gray areas of our offer concerning securities regulations, pre-and post-sale business operations, liability towards investors, tax elements, banking, state to state-enforced laws, and asset protection.

We have identified and structured levels of control to minimize risk factors.

  1. In the IEO offer, we ask the Cryptocurrency investor to exchange only Cryptocurrency as the first option. If Fiat is their desirable option, they must have an open account on the Exchange to complete a transfer to receive the block of IJJ ERC-777.
  2. The ERC-777 is a new token with limited market value, while it offers the feature required to create a function that we consider a perfect match for managing accounting processing for funding and payments. In addition, the approved standards proof of concept and ERC interface features make it an excellent replacement for using an accounting application.
  3. The IJJ ERC-777 tokens gray area is during pre-sale business operations related to the IEO token exchange, in conjunction with the post Buyback campaign offering an up to 300% price to reacquire the ERC-777 for eCETP.
  4. The IJJ Token has no volume liquidity trading. Therefore, its cost is minimal, but its standard is more adaptable for servicing processing as a utility when sending/receiving Fiat as a Distributed Ledger Technology for Blockchain financial services.
  5. The Buyback IJJ-ERC 777 for eCETP becomes a Retainer folder utility token. Therefore, it can be considered a commercial activity, and proceeds received may be regarded as ordinary business income and taxable.
  6. Our SaaS is a self-service processing center where the sponsor of a donation operates independently. The primary customer title is Alliance Partner must have a state registration to conduct fundraising and provide private banking service independent of eCETP.
  7. The donation sponsor provides its donation pool and must meet the Evidence Member Clause requirements related to its business category.
  8. The IEO service provider has unique Software and technical consulting services for hire to market IJJ Corporation to Cryptocurrency Investors, and their operation is autonomous from IJJ Corporation.

The Howey litmus-Test

We have also addressed the Howey test as a means of determining whether our offer counts as a security. We also agree the Buyback Campaign is an event that reaches the gray area, should still result in utility favorable evaluation against the litmus-test; according to the Howey Test, a security offering satisfies:

  1. The offering involves monetary investment. Yes
  2. There is an expectation of profits from the investment mandated by corporate action. Yes
  3. ERC-777 under the Buyback will trade on the Exchange Platform before the Buyback. Yes
  4. Is there a trading market for the ERC-777, currently extremely limited? Yes
  5. The Buyback ERC-777 token, once reacquired, can be sold or traded again. No
  6. The investment is in a joint enterprise, buyers, and sellers. No
  7. eCETP is a private membership Donation Contribution Platform, and it is not open to the public. Yes
  8. Any profit comes from the efforts of a promoter or third party. No

While the IEO combined with the Buyback will take an undetermined amount of time, there is no promotion to induce trading, only the activity to ensure that the investor receives their initial investment back and up to 300% as offered for investing in the eCETP operation launch.

How to describe SaaS Business Model

When comparing IJJ Corp SaaS, the overarching category is self-service cookie cut-controlled services.

The differential comes into play with the product we offer at $50 with rewards and benefits with a preset number of Account receipts as a max number of donators for an On-Demand-Order (ODO).

Within the SaaS platform donation industry, various pricing structures and services also vary from hands-on to providing self-service cookie cut-controlled environments. Although there are offers to support potential investors, monthly rates, and volume usage charges, some require up to 2 to 4% fees on the funding raised combined with per donor fees.

Why the Buyback Campaign

One of the primary purposes for the Buyback is to use a smart contract to separate each ERC-777 from the batch it was minted from.

The investor will purchase 1000 or more ERC-777.   After reacquired the token, a timestamp with a filename using a unique naming convention.

The ERC-777 Token transfer transactions contain metadata in a user Data and operator Data field. Therefore, during its time on the Market exchange, it may incur multiple sends and received users’ transfers.

The last history sequence of events is used to establish the individuality for each ERC-777.

Once reacquired, this information is used to create the retainer folder. Each donor Account receipt for project or program is captured and assigned under the Retainer Folder as an ERC-223 transaction.

Target Markets

Our Target Market is a restricted membership concerning Alliance Partners  for donations and contributions to the following:

  1. State governments at county levels
  2. Nonprofit organizations
  3. For-Profit community-based entities

IJJ Corp provides a Business Software as a Service (BPaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) and outsourcing a list of professional services.

The eCETP platform provides accounting and reporting services, provides the Donor user-friendly and intuitive donation process. All donations are redirected to Alliance Partner banking services and controlled by the Alliance Partner.

We are not providing donors, controlling Alliance Partners subscribers’ listings, or participating jointly in a donation contribution campaign with any Alliance Partner members.

Our services are limited to professional services to ensure a successful launch of funding campaigns by providing a utility as a donation product packaged to manage, execute, and implement goals expressed as requested by the ODO from Alliance Partners.

The Alliance Partner places an On-Demand-Order (ODO), which will execute a Mandate to Buyback.  A batch of 150 ERC-777 per ODO at 15-cent each, for the investment of 5-cent each.

The word donation and contributions both include are omit the other in this document.  Our definition of donation contribution pertains to the tax option for deductions purposes.  So, donations may consist of contributions only as an option with the Donor.  Our For-Profit Alliance Partner will need to consult tax legal advice to impose tax deduction (contribution letters) if for the Donor is permissible.

IJJCorp is offering IJJ Coins in Donation Backer Package (DBP) within an established Cryptography technology Exchange Service Provider that facilitates Ethereum (Ether) issued within the Exchange.  The Token has purchase value to exchange for a DBP.  We intend to submit the required forms to Security Exchange Commission to register a block of IJJ Coins offered in Donation campaign conducted using eCETP.