• IJJ Corporation (IJJCorp) was acquired in 2003 as a Bulletin Board. It is now an OTC Public company by a firm providing Federal and Department of Defense Information Technology (IT) and Facility Management services.
  • Today, establishing diversified revenue streams as a FurtureTech in emerging digital assets, a forerunner in defining Fintech technologies, and new market expansions to finance Core Business Initiatives.
  • The Core Business platform will evolve a FinTech business model utilizing internal WebApps to finance business initiatives as Business Processing as a Service (BPaaS) within our Corporation Social Responsibility Commitments (SRC) to include SEC applicable exemptions for raising working capital.
  • In addition, acquiring federal government GSA Schedule to win IT contracts, the Company willl developed an Essential Business Application (EBA) for enterprise operations to integrate departmentally on-demand exchange of workflow throughput, project management, and administrative processing as a full-service operation