Investment Initiatives

The Rule 506(c) Private Placement Offer:

  • The Security: Preferred Class Series D Shares.
  • D Share Value:$1.00.
  • Share Class: Preferred Series D shares for Investments
  • Series Type: Convertible Fixed Common Share Price: $0.00008.
  • Authorized Volume: 10,000,000.
  • Unit Volume: 400
  • Total Units: 25,000
  • Minimum Order: $25,000
  • Maximum Order: $1,500,000 (60 units)

All Accredited Investor Forms are located below:

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Use of Investor Proceeds

The Development of an Enterprise Software Platform

Commission Depository Enterprise Platform WebApp:

  • Deploying a Global Website Application to re-constructing Blockchain Miners by regulating their customers holding their Coins and Tokens for Trading.
  • Meeting SEC requirements to operate as a Global Cryptocurrency Depository Registry with structured governance business practices similar to Deposit Trust & Clearing Corporation.
  • Incorporating guidelines for registration with Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)
  • Providing the Trading structure using segments of OTC Markets, Transfer Agents, and Broker trading services.

Additional Investment Information is available upon request.

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OTCQB Acquisition & Merger

Acquisition and Merger

  • To merge into an OTCQB Public company.
  • Projected A&M: 6 months.
  • Investor Update on A&M included.
  • Stock Holding: period 6 months.
  • With IJJ Corporation becoming the successor.
    • Registered Shareholders exceed 100.
    • Plus, the IJJ Corporation Trading Volumes.

Investing in Crypto Regulatory Application Platform:

  1. Funding the Commission Settlement Enterprise Platform
  2. Essential Business Web Apps.
  3. Investor Update on A&M included.

Additional Support Funding requirements:

  • Deployment and 2-year sustainment Operating Cost.
  • Market Development and Research Coverage Costs.

Audited Financial increases investor Confidence. Reduce securities maturity to 6 months. Establishes the gateway two levels from being Listed

The Benefits of Merging Into A OTCQB

Early Stage Application Platforms:

Today, several applications independently provided solutions to improve Crypto Key Issues:

  • The fundamental issues start from liquidity, which offers limited equity as unsecured digital-level assets.
  • This era of Settlements to root out “Bay Actors” is a bandage implemented by several application service providers.
  • There are Banking services, conversion to Fiat-Crypto, Lending programs, Internet financing services, and multiple exchange platforms for trading.
  • Several excellent platforms provide secured services, while no central depository exists to add control to provide Bad Actors, and CDEP full-service solves those issues.

The First Commission Depository Enterprise Platform Web and Mobile Application.

The Solution:

Legitimizing and sustaining creditability requires a commission approved by an SEC-registered Transfer Agent as the go-between to validate all Credits and Debit transactions (Authorizations and Cancellations) via a Security Broker and the Issuer.

The Current Security Commission Industry.

The CDEP market projections a 5% market capture within 5 years is over $1.8 Billion Annually.

Crypto discussion on Regulations with CDEPCrypto discussion on Regulations with CDEP


Register membership system with complete disclosures with Transfer agents and broker-dealers, and each trading symbol is assigned to separate ask and bid level-2 global trading platforms.