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Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO):

Our Approach to Capture Market Position

CRO involves analyzing user behavior, understanding customer journeys, and implementing changes to improve the overall user experience.

DMS will implement three campaigns encapsulate these strategies:

The First Campaign

Employ Inhouse rapid Rsponse Team

“DMS oversees responses on news and social media, using analytical tools strategically for Call-To-Action strategies.

Targeting the crypto industry involves employing Digital Market Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). This means systematically improving websites or digital platforms to increase visitor actions.

In essence, digital marketing is crucial for thriving in the digital landscape. It expands reach, boosts brand visibility, engages customers, and delivers measurable results for modern businesses.”

The Second Campaign

Combine Campaigns 1 and 2.

The enrollment process comprises four integrated components aimed at achieving the primary goal of trading with high volumes to meet expectations:

  1. Collaboration with Influencers – partnering with blockchain mining companies.
  2. Coin and Token Ownership – accepting invitations from blockchain miners to register under mining companies, enabling the submission of cryptocurrency blocks through CDEP with SEC.
  3. Implementing highly competitive transaction rates. With a 30 dya free trading period for coins and tokens.
  4. Marketing and Advertising – attracting buyers to the platform through highlighting CDEP’s exceptional features, fair rates, and offering market rate tables below the average for 12 months.

The Third Campaign

Offer enrollment bonuses:

Offer the Blockchain miner a one-time registration compensation payment and long-term trading percentage on all of the customers trading on CDEP.

The strategy is fundamentally simple; just fund it

Enlist 100 leading Blockchain mining firms with an offer of X$ to join CDEP. We’ll provide necessary forms and cover all SEC submission fees for their company filings.

Their objective: prompt existing and new customers holding Crypto Coins and Tokens to register a cryptocurrency block for trading on CDEP with the SEC. Initial Cloners receive complimentary registration, Transfer Agent, and Broker Fee for the initial year.

Extend discounted: registration and setup expenses through a CDEP Transfer Agent to token/coin owners. For the initial 6 months, registered Coins/Token holders enjoy a 60% discount on filings and clearance fees through Brokers.”

The Service Required by the DMS Department

Keys why digital marketing operations are essential:

CDEP may impose transaction fees for the processing of securities transactions, covering activities such as the transfer of securities, corporate action processing, and other transaction-related services.

CDEP delivers asset services, such as dividend and interest processing, corporate actions, and proxy services. The fees associated with these asset services contribute significantly to the overall revenue.

In addition to basic clearing and settlement, CDEP may provide value-added services, including data services, risk management solutions, or technology-related services, which may entail additional fees.

Financial institutions seeking participation in the CDEP system pay membership fees, granting them access to CDEP's services and systems.

CDEP has the potential to earn interest on the cash and securities held in custody during the settlement process. This interest income plays a role in augmenting the overall revenue stream.