Friday, January 27, 2023


Connecting to Publicly Trading Companies

Connecting to Public trading companies is a reach-out program to Over-The-Counter Pinksheets and QBs, where it appears there is no activity. 

We have discovered that no activity in some cases means the management is working and operating their business and trading is not that important.

Will the positive-negative in light of stock trading, is when an issuer is expected to somehow release stock for day-trading and promote news for others’ personal interests.

What we did discover were three actions they were not doing:

  1. Stop allocating working capital to finance staying current and for news.
  2. Only sold stock in exchange for debt notes never seeking investors to adapt their business.
  3. Not talking nor sharing ideas with other Public Companies.

They started with great ideas, but after some unfavorable experiences with stock hustlers, debt conversions, and message board personal attacks the book closed. Now they are stuck with recurring debt to maintain the Public company.

How do we change the three factors?

Changing the viewpoints, to open the book. As a Pink sheet OTC public company, the concept of selling stock as a revenue stream, can create future problems where trading groups can take over the stock price.

While the OTC requires some additional steps, it’s also possible to have treasury stock using various SEC-approved instruments. We can help you prepare and set up best business prartice to manage the lifecycle of the instrument.

Pinksheets are normally small businesses, in many cases at a starting point for business owners looking to trade stock for operating revenue.

So how to change the status, pay off the debt with the Transfer Agent, any other commitments, and become current with filings.

Filing Services

There are a variety of filing services being different or diverse. Choosing the right one is the issue all of us specialize in SEC Edgar filing.

Pricing vary by 10 to 20%, staffing response time close between all of them.

Our subscription rates are 30 to 50%, covering SEC filing costs. Your subscription rate covers margins normally imposed by other service providers.

Here is the scenario you searched for them and they may answer, return your call, transfer to voicemail, or someone takes your call and listens while you give an example of what services are needed.

There’s a better way signup for the subscription plan to get one-on-one service. Your cost is greatly discounted based on the membership pool. There is a list of filing services, even a video guide and you submit your requirement.

We provide examples as downloads for the particular filing. We have editors waiting for submission to review, you can request a call or email back based on your selection for collaborated support. You specified the time and date for the filing, we made it happen.

Most importantly the editor is from your country ready to serve.


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