The IEO IJJ Token Buyback Programs

The Buyback Program is designed to furnish Ether Tokens for eCETP to provide an archive, Distribution Ledger Transaction for Deposits and withdrawals as a Donor transaction log utilizing the ERC trustful technology.

The IJJ Tokens are removed from the Open Exchange Market and designated to eCETP for private Donator Backer Packages.

Once re-acquired the ERC-777 is permanently removed from the open market and is converted into a utility to open Donation Contribution accounts.

The ERC-777 transactions are Donation Contributions entry into the account ledger as a journal entry using ERC-233 recorded transaction receipts.


The Buyback program narrative explains how the program works:

  • The Buyback Campaign period will commence once eCETP is deployed between 90 to 180 days from the date of purchase of the first IJJ-ERC-777, as stated in the timeline.
  • The Buyback transaction is an On-Demand Orders under a corporate action as a Mandate provision used to offer a return on Investing into the IEO and Token Exchange Sale (TES).
  • A Buybacks purchase will use the receivables from an On-Demand Order placed by an Alliance Partner at the Preset Price at $50, where the mandate is to acquire at minimum 150 ERC-777 priced up to 15 cents each per Order.


The overview on the ERC-777 standard as a utility:

  • Providing a separate object label to track funding for reoccurring budgetary requirements for exchange of equity assets, such as tracking the assignment of restricted stock acquired for services being rendered under a Subscription Service Level Agreement (SLA).
  • Using a unique numbering system, the ERC-777 provides the ability to add a batch of ERC-223 from its smart contract where recorded transferred events are timestamped for tracking the date, time of the entry description used for the completion of sent and received transactions to ERC-777 per donor per donation campaign.


Replenishes Open Market Exchange:

The ERC-777 is also tracked to monitor open market for availability of IEO or TES Buyback IJJ Tokens and once the balance reaches 40% a new Smart Contract is deployed to replenishes open Market Exchange IJJ Tokens.


The ingenuity of IJJ ERC-777 Token   auditability within three revenue resources:

  1. Tracking a batch of ERC-223 used for funding reoccurring budgetary programs and projects. The Alliance Partners will purchase Donator Backer Packages (DBP) assemble as a Buy 1 Get Account Receipt rewards.
  2. The DBP starts with 150 ERC-223 tokens as account receipts and has 5 different pricing structures assignable to one ERC-777 account as the utility for indexing and receiving donor transactions records as the receipts.
  3. ERC-777 Tokens Technology standard is configured as an independent object within a Distribution Ledger Transactions for Data Control to ensure Accountability in managing the exchange of fiat used in funding & Payment Services.
  4. The Alliance Partner will process the DBP into Donor packages using a smart contract minted batch of ERC-223 assembled as the Buy 1 Get 2 account receipts assigned and timestamp to the ERC-777 for raising funding for either a Project or Program donation or contribution option for the Donator.


In general IJJ ERC-777 are purchased as an asset to fund business services.

  • To collateralize up to 120% for the investor to finance the execution of SLA orders for equity asset exchanges, such as publicly trading restricted stock issued for services being rendered for workout plans and to tracking principles and interest payments.
  • Investing in Notes (loaner to borrower), bridge loans, invoice financing, contract and Purchase order financing, and for principle and interest payments, acquiring Publicly tradable stock with conditions under funding subscriptions, and more.
  • To record transactions supplied by ERC-223 for various donation earnings as rewards and benefits programs for the Alliance Partner investing in the Donator ability to establish Repeatable self-fundable donations.
  • Financing the mining fees using a Smart Contract to mine on-Demand Orders for ERC-223 Tokens.
  • Financing the fees to deploy specialized Token Exchange Sale Smart Contract to raise working capital for IJJ Corporation.
  • To fund the production of the Alliance Partner ads, email campaigns, and for promotion materials to sponsor private and open market donor donation campaigns.
  • To finance processing cost to contribute 3 ERC-223 as rewards as Account receipts for the Buy 1 GET 2 Account Receipts as rewards. Where ERC-223 are supplied by IJJ Corp when the donor’s options to make contribution to a For-Profit Alliance Partner operating cost for sponsoring a campaign.
  • Using revenue for the On-Demand Order for processing cost to host eCETP services to maintain reporting services, creation of data elements, subscription fees, processing tokens supplies to generate contributions and Cash disbursement from Deposit Conversion Earning for withdrawals and optional cash benefit earning programs within eCETP.