Saturday, December 10, 2022


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The Corporate Governance:

The Cornerstone of our corporate governance is the commitment to maintaining our uncompromising principles to implement our Economic Impact Infrastructure as a Revitalized Renaissance Program (RRP).

IJJCorp’s Primary Customer Base:

  1. Governments, Nonprofit Organizations, For-Profit business developers certified as eCETP Operators, and Campaign Service Providers Worldwide.
  2. Additionally, the corporate business includes teaming with significant corporation industries for government-related contracts and funding programs, both Federal and state localities.

Qualify Opportunity Fund (QOF):

To be certified a Qualified Opportunity Fund, it must be LLC incorporated set either a partnership or corporation.

QOF governance strictly prohibits specific management control structures.  Therefore, a board of directors from the T2500 will form committees with the primary objectives to oversee funding allocations as an incorporated partnership voting and selection members for appointments and with terms periods.

The following content will provide now the Corporation Board operates and Incorporate eCETP within the business practice.