Saturday, January 28, 2023

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The Focus Encompasses Four Segments into One


As a publicly-traded company, we are committed to operating in that arena. The approach is to market our business development strategy to large publicly traded corporations titled the T2500. The cornerstone is Social Responsibility Commitments (SRC) intrinsically aligned with IJJCorp’s SRC.


  • Designate Opportunity Zone (OZ) For Economic Impact Developments.
  • Operate A Committee Structured Qualify Opportunity Fund (QOF).
  • Utilizing the 2017 Tax Cut and eCETP as an alternative Funding Resources.
  • Implement a Jobs Act platform for the Revitalized Renaissance  Program (RRP).

Revitalized Renaissance Program (RRP)

Welcome to the future of the Revitalized Renaissance Program (RRP).  This era is now...

About Us

Introduction: IJJ Corporation (IJJCorp) Has Been A Publicly Trading Company Under The Ticker (IJJP) Since...

eCETP Deployment Strategy

We created a project titled: the Revitalized Renaissance Program (RRP) The business focus encompasses four segments as one Marketplace T2500 is promoting the RRP internally for Backer...


Montech Studio (MNTCH) is an independent operating subsidiary within IJJCorp. Management Control and Daily operations are still under the Founder and Chief Technology Officer,...


eCETP Introduction: Our initiative is to enterprise donation services by launching an eCommerce Exchange Trading Platform (eCETP) for processing payments and funding services.  The objective...
Who gets Training? Training programs are accessible to all Certified Alliance Partners. Training services are offered to the Alliance Partners interested in sponsoring funding...

IJJ Corp Business Model

Current Projects

Online Banking Payment Gateway

More Details Coming! The Purpose: For Processing eCETP (ODO) Orders.Establishing IJJCrop as a Debit Card Processing Service.To License the Intellectual Property as an alternative Competing Service....

Revitalized Renaissance Program (RRP)

Welcome to the future of the Revitalized Renaissance Program (RRP).  This era is now a distinct period of history, standing as a crossroad into...

Public Companies CEO Forum

The public Company forum is established for CEOs or their designated Public Investor Relationship representatives to build economic impact initiatives and bring together Listed...

- A word from our CEO


Creatinge Positive Results

Our Business Model using Economic Impact requires relationship building to create a Infrastructues for muilple Platforms.