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Funding & Payments Services

Computing services with unlimited power for reoccurring expenditures while sharing Benefits and Rewards!

We realized that its more than the Blockchain Smart Contract services. So, we’re building communities around a Donation and Payment service as an eCommerce Exchange Platform (eCEP).


Our Exceptional Services

Funding and Payment Services


Engage communities to share in innovative funding and payment services with benefits and rewards. Managing a donation within eCommerce Exchange Platform (eCEP) to deploy real-time betterment and life improvement projects and programs.

Where participation in donating has rewards that create benefits that are repeatable both in earning and funding the ability to use deposits to self-finance repeatable donations within the eCEP platform.


Building communities requires meeting the need principles, understanding the culture, and being about address the funding Requirements. Working on creating innovative solution will always demand leadership within a community.

The objective is to engage community with budgetary and donation and payment services within an enterprise exchange as a complete one stop point of service solution.


Our customer service starts in the back-office, where business mission-oriented goals and objectives are structured, implementation of business tools, and solutions are developed to maintain a pro-active agenda.

To deploy business solutions requires working capital. By adding Blockchain Smart Contract technology added accountability as a trustful exchange of assets.  We are combining Cryptocurrece with Nationlized Currencies.


The exechange of donations converted in  payments, where eCommerce are fiat disbursements as working capital, earnings as benedfits within dedicated Platform for Donator Backers within the Target Markets.

Our mission provides the integration of  cryptocurrency using blockchain Smart Contract technology with Token overlayed with currencies offering an innovative set of asset to exchange into common currency.


The Service links the exchange of various funding instruments and payment disbursements as follows:
1. Trustful Network: An automated computing shared with Ethereum Smart Contracts.
2. Debt Relief Workouts: For Public Companies with Investors being Collateralized.
3. Recurring Funding: Non-profit and For-Profit entities’ funding for projects and programs.
4. Payment Services: Smart Contracts using unchangeable construct coding.
5. Recycling of Currency: Where currency exchange between 8 to 12 times.
6. Repeatable Donations: Using reward earnings as Deposits.


The distribution involves using 30 million tokens with 20 million for Phase 1 & 2.
1. The distribution plan is to build 1,000 community partnerships within the Targeted Markets.
2. The market plan is designed to deploy 800 Non-profit Alliances with 12 million rewards.
3. With the enlistment of 200 For-profit Alliances with an allocation of 6 million rewards.
4. Leaving a reserving of 12 million to support conversions and for deposit earning bonus packages.

How to get involve


Things to take into consideration

To deploy a donation event, it normally takes 2 to 5 weeks to prepare and deploy.

To submit your campaign.
Complete the online registration and schedule a conference call to meet you team leader at IJJCorp.

We recommend Reading the Member Evidence Clause before your call conference.

* Alliance Starter Packages are provided to authorized Alliance Members with an Alliance ID.
* Email to donation@iijc.com