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Public Company Sector

IJJ Corporation offers a variety of Service Level Agreements (SLA) offering  subscription based products and services. Clients can customize their subscriptions and participate in group discount programs.

The Partnership Focus

Offering business 
tools and fundentials
operating practices

Operating a business requires building an infrastructure designed to support the business model. In most cases the fundamentals are not the same, while the primary departmental components are commonly used across the board. In essence the formula for the building blocks constitutes that three areas are clearly defined on how use business tools and understanding what’s required to stabilize and position for growth.


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Service Level Agreements (SLA)

IIJJCorp is offering subscription-based programs with various add-ons packages to access our products and services with our Service Level Agreements (SLA).

We endeavor to establish a working relationship partnering to find the keys to your success. 
The operating practice is intrinsic to its  industries and sub-level categories, where given processes are designed to cause specific results. The four areas below cover key categories commonly shared within the Public Company marketplace.


Reinstatement Entitles:  Our Funding & Payments services provides the resources to reinstated with the domicile franchise requirements to be in Good Standing.  We negotiate workout payment plans with the Transfer Agent to reactivate and maintain active customer status and to produce and file financial and disclosure statements to regain and maintain Current Information essential for SEC registration and marketplace support.



Restructuring the Business Model. Signup for an SLA restructuring analysis report, where we offer three commonly chosen corporate actions: 1., Where internal changes are identified to address key functional issues preventing the workflow throughput, or 2., Selecting vertical or horizontal market changes, including outsourcing specific functions, selling or closing a department(s) to merging or changes in management and staffing control.



Maintaining reporting and fixed fee expenditures: Assuming the business practice analysis demonstrates a good growth model. While cashflow allocation indicate still marginal profits to support quarterly reporting expenditures; we offer Funding and Payment services designed to reduce outlay of working capital.
We have accredited investors in two categories, those who will exchange cash investments for restricted stock and those interested in equity with or without a buyout provision clause.



Funding Receivables, purchase orders, leveraging cashflow for factoring or for advance payment structure using merchant cards history, equipment leasing and outright purchases of good for floor plan services; we have vented third party providers and internal Funding & Payment Services. The funding is also incorporating join ventures and partnering with suppliers teaming on as a Business Unit on existing and scheduled orders, market expansion with division support levels and margin sharing. 


How Funding Is Issued

Before funding is issued an executable Service Level Agreement is required outlining the guidlelines for how the transaction is accomphished.

Funding & Payments for subscription services are as follows:


The Transfer Agent issue Shares

The Public company will issue restricted shares in exchange for payment being made to their vendors.


Ijj Corp assigns the IJJCoins

Restricted shares are governed under rule 144, and investor is also collateralized with IJJCoins at 120%


The investor can trade

Once the restricted share are eligible for trading, the 20% collateral of IJJCoins is issued to the investor and balance is returned to IJJCorp.

Monthly  Plan 

OTCIQ and SEC Registerations for Pink Sheet and QB companies on OTCmarkets

Annual Full Service plan

OTCIQ and SEC Registerations for Pink Sheet and QB companies on OTCmarkets

Contract Agreement



  • Service Level Agreements (SLA) – Business Development
  • Management and Market Development Agreement
  • Memtor and protege
  • Industry Specific Market Planning
  • Edgar Filing – 10K, 10Q, and Supplementary Fillings
  • OTCIQ updates and Fillings preparation
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