Wednesday, March 29, 2023



Prohibited Transactions:

Under No circumstance will any representative of IJJCorp contribute to Travel and Lodging for any Government entity.  

Our Partners must not provide, request, or indirect travel to U.S. federal government officials (e.g., legislators, legislative staff, agency personnel, military personnel) representing IJJCorp with first establishing a partnership agreement to represent IJJCorp on a specified event approved:

  • An employee of any: the government or its departments, ministries, agencies, military organizations or instrumentalists; political party; public international organization (e.g., United Nations, World Bank); or an entity wholly or partially owned, sponsored, controlled by, or affiliated with the government, including entities with commercial functions or in which a government owns even a minority interest.
  • Payments are made secure or expedite the performance of routine services or actions to which a company is entitled.