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Option 2: 18-Months License to Ownership: $38,000

$2,111.00 / month for 18 months

The License to Ownership Plan is for a Business Processing as a Service (BPaaS) online WebApp as an eCommerce Exchange Trading Platform (eCETP). The License Agreement Package includes your membership in a private partnership network as an alternative funding service for budgetary programs and projects.

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Option 2: Purchase Plan:

  1. Purchase 18 DBP eCETP Bundled Package for 48,000 ATRs.
  2. Must place the first ODO for 2 Perpetual License Packages with 2,667 Account Receipt Tickets the each Month.
  3. Purchase Commitment: $2,111.00


Additional information

Donation Backer Packages

Option 2: Loads 2,000 Account Receipt Tickets (ARTs) per month for 18 months.
Must Participate in Mandatory Training Program


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