Non-Profit-Donator-Backer 3-Token


The following list of packages are based on either a direct cash disbursement account for immediate withdrawals and/or using escrow deposits with conditions


Non-Profit 3 Token Package

Buy 1 Token $50 | Each | Rewards Earning | Donation Received
    3-Token Get          547                $40                             $ 22,000

Total Rewards 550 for Deposit

Order Processing:

Order Processing: Your order will be email to you within 4 to 8 hours with you access ID.

What to Expect:

  • Information on ETHER: Instructions of ownership, when, and how to use you IJJCorp Ethereum Token Rewards.
  • The Reward Token Value:  All Buy 1 Tokens have the preset price at $50.  The remaining Reward tokens have no monetary value, until exchanged as an asset with Nationalized Currency at the Preset price $40.
  • Reward Tokens: The Reward Token provides one or all of the following factors:
    1. The Reward tokens are for your community’ improvement and betterment initiatives.
    2. Rewards are Monetize when exchanged on eCEP.
    3. The Reward Token are offered by the Donator Backers for a specific community to raise working capital, plus create benefits with rewards.
    4. The Reward Token are offered under the 20/40 program to share in Rewards and Benefits.


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