Saturday, December 10, 2022



Political Contributions or Charitable Donations

Alliance Partners representing eCETP must not circumvent this Standard by making political contributions or charitable donations to indirectly influence the outcome of a business transaction, including obtaining or retaining business.

Only designated IJJCorp Board of Directors may engage with political parties, party officials, candidates, or organizations on IJJCorp’s behalf.

  • While State Agents and committee members are closest to the customer, investing or donations may occur, and it is their responsibility to provide details on all charitable donations to IJJCorp.
  • Partners may participate in personal political activities as long as it is clear they are acting in their capacity and not on behalf of IJJCorp.

The IJJCorp’s eCETP budgetary service policy for BPaaS by political candidates to raise campaign funding.  Our corporate position is that corporate must approve all engagements and execute a letter of agreement to hold IJJCorp harness by its involvement in the Political Contributions.