Corporation Action

Date Executed:December 15, 2019
Action Executed:A Mandate Provision
Executed By:Clifford Pope
Title:  Chief Executive Officer

The On-Demand Order (ODO):

Mandate provision is provided to create a ROI for the IEO IJJ Token Investors. With that being stated, it also tracks the volume of IEO remaining be acquired. 

Plus, it monitoring current pricing for Bad Actor and buying activities that could affect availability of ERC-777 to fulfill ODO or  creating a Buyback Campaign pricing impact.

The On-Demand Order executes two Mandate provisions.

  1. The ODO payment will use 45% of the receivable to Buyback IJJ_ERC-777 tokens at .15 each.
  2. ODO creates the order to open a Retainer Account  with 1 ERC-777 , at minimum with 150 ERC-223’s Receipt Accounts transfer to Donation Contribution campaign.

The Mandate Provision is a requirement with the following terms and conditions as stated.

Alliance Partner to buy a Donator Backer Package (DBP).

The Mandate Provision is executed when a purchase order is received from an Alliance Partner to buy a Donator Backer Package (DBP).

In addition to the purchase it includes a Mandate Provision as a fulfillment order called the  on-Demand Order (ODO) to Buyback 150 IJJ ERC-777 cryptographic hashed tokens.  The ERC-777 is classified as a Retainer Tokens used to assemble Donator Backer Packages for resell by an Alliance Partner.

The main module titled the eCETP core processing uses the IJJ ERC-777 standard as a retainer once processed through the Buyback module.

The ERC-777 standards are reconfigured as the client’s folder for transaction account ledger entries to index and receive donation transaction receipts per donor as archived as an IJJ ERC-223 event.

The Mandate Enforces The investor ROI:

In short, with the mandate we establish a fallback ROI for the IEO participation as a benefit with up to 300% return.

This method creates a volume of DBP to support On-Demand Orders.

To create one Donator Backer Package (DBP) requires 1 ERC-777 with 150 ERC-223 furnished by IJJ Corp coming from the Initial Token Supply (ITS).

  • The above On-Demand Order creates 150 DBP at $50 each or $7,500 in sales to DBs.
  • For 272 million total issuances of ERC-777 will require over several years 4.8 Billion ERC-223 Account receipts.

In the case of a Bad Actors attempt to control the ecosystem by trying to hijack the available ERC-777 inventory in open market exchange to control or disrupt data measurements and control volumes in place.

Following Industry Safeguards:
  • To follow industry requirements to utilize services called Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC), by using professional third-party services constructed to eliminate known Bad Actors as buyers for IJJ ERC-777.
  • By monitoring the trading exchange services tracking bidding and offers transactions and price fluctuations between the IEO 5 cents to 15 cents.
  • To monitor trading that demonstrate in real-time, that could lead to price increases, which will require using cash reserves to counteract known activities that could disrupt the Buyback Campaign.
  • Accepting that conditions will occur, which may demand that minting a volume of ERC-777 tokens, for deployment into eCETP outside of the Mandate Provision and IEO preference, maybe required.  This action is reserved to prevent optional shortfalls due to Bad Actors and to announce to the market the status based on current conditions. 
  • We claim the right to hash ERC-777 to meet the On-Demand Order requirements. If on entity is the sole seller of the IJJ ERC-777, meaning eliminating a competitive field free trade, we claim the right also to mint more ERC-777, as required.
  • If the Bad Actor is offer ERC-777 greater than the Buyback preset price of 15 cents, we claim the right to mint ERC-777’s to meet On-Demand Orders.