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Member Evidence Clause

The member evidence clause is provided to ensure our membership within our Targeted markets are properly  represented after providing information to establish evidence to support their membership requirements to become an Alliance Member. 

The enrollment requirements:

  1. As part of the registration process you will provide information, which designates your incorporation as a non-profit organization and for Governments your department/agency which allow us to contact you.
  2. For-Profit Entity please provide incorporation and/or registration data, such as the Tax ID from the state of domicile, related Federal Government IRS numbers for reporting purposes.
  3.  If you are an individual  and represent a group or an organization, since the 20/40 requires account disbursement is an auditable transaction all third, second and first parties inclusions must provide authorization or an agreement between all parties.
  4. Know Your Customer (KYC) is required when Cryptocurrency in a decentralized environment and the IJJ Corporation is a USA Corporation, we subject to USA regulatory  rulings and enforcements.
  5. Without being able to provide the general information for Member Evidence to meet non-provide and For-Profit states, may forfeit you able to obtain a membership.