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Building Business Partnerships

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Smart Contract running on Ethereum Blockchaining

Computing services with unlimited power for reoccurring expenditures while sharing Benefits and Rewards!

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Our business platform provides a very unique opportunity for creating innovative infrastructures to conduct fundraisers and for sponsoring business expansion.

Funding is constructed within an Ethereum Smart Contracts:
• Debt Relief and ETH Collateralizing
• Token Allocation
• Conversion Ether to national Currency by:
  1.) Monetizing Tokens in National Currencies.
  2.) Converting Ether to Cash Deposits.
  3.) Monetizing Ether for Rewards to Benefits.
  4.) Deposit Conversion with bonus benefits.


IJJCorp Blockchain Smart Contract mining Ether Token, exchanging Nationalized currency with a eCommerce Exchange Platform (eCEP) for the IJJ Token Supply.


The worldwide deployment of the eCEP business model for donations by offering communities the ability to construct self-funding by using deposit conversions with rewards and benefits.


The scenario which would be ideal is where the conversion of cryptocurrency being converted into Nationalized currency worldwide is processed in banking institutions.


IJJCorp is focused on structuring funding for payment and financing services for three markets , where funding workout conditions, where recurring annual budgetary cycles and payable fees are required.

ITS Deployment Objectives :

Supply the initial Ether tokens to finance the implementation of eCommernce Exchange Trading  Platform (eCEP).

Funding and Payment Services Combined Recycles  Assets as a donation with Rewards

The funding eCEP by providing our members within our target manage to participate in donations by purchasing IJJ-token packages offered to fund Phase 1 & 2 development stages is outlined in the IJJCorp’s White Paper.


How to get involve


Things to take into consideration

To deploy a donation event it takes 3 to 5 week prepare and deploy.

Complete the online registration and  schedule a conferecnce call to meet your  team leader at IJJCorp.

Read the polcies and terms of Usage for you conference.

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The Secret of Success

Our mission is building communities where a Donator Backers in our Target Markets receive for their participation great rewards and benefits. Where “DONATION” funding using Cryptocurrency creates income by converting nationalized currencies into benefits for both the projects and programs and Backers.

The Secret of Success is being able to witness projects and programs being funded, while wealth is shared with all that participate.

The Distribution Plan

The distribution plan is to build 1,000 community partnerships within the Targeted Markets, where budgetary, betterment and improvement programs and projects will need working capital.

Distribution Channels

We are creating distribution channels by engaging the target market communities by offering the eCEP funding and payment services as an alternative solution for raising funding, while providing rewards and benefits to participating backers for donating to projects or a program.

Selected Market Segments

The selected market segments have annual expenditures are valued annually over $13 billion and budgetary requirements, which is a perfect fit for our business services.
• Four Market Segments Include:
1. Publicly Trading companies
2. State and Federal Governments
3. Non-Profit Organizations
4. For Profit sponsored fundraising projects.