The focus encompass four segments into one marketplace

IJJ Corp Business Model

As a publicly-traded company, we are committed to operating in that arena. The approach is to market our business development strategy to large publicly traded corporations titled the T2500. The cornerstone is Social Responsibility Commitments (SRC) intrinsically aligned with IJJCorp SRC.

eCETP 50% SRC funding initiative

T2500 SRC Team building

traning and production centers

OZ economic Impact QOF programs


Welcome to the future of the Renaissance Revitalized Program (RRP).

This era is now a distinct period of history as a crossroad into reality for the populous.

Where we build the infrastructure as a platform to create production centers just like India and China and wing ourselves out of dependence on others for thousands of products imported and become a leading exporter.

The world technology industries are adding new concepts to facilities' everyday lifestyles, creating independence. But, as a result, a mindset of being less knowledgeable is the norm by creating conveniences.

What happens when two or three significant importers stop producing and disappear forever?