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Public Companies CEO Forum


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The public Company forum is established for CEOs or their designated Public Investor Relationship representatives to build economic impact initiatives and bring together Listed on major Exchanges and Over-The-Counter Publicly traded Companies.

While the site domain is OTC CEO Forum, all public companies can become an economic Impact partner to participate in eCETP as an internal Donation Sponsors, including support for the Renaissance Revitalized Program (RRP).

The two primary reasons to join:

  1. Social Responsibility Commitment (SRC).
  2. To take advantage of the 2017 Tax Cut or participate in the Job Act

We believe Companies with SRC are looking for a worthy program to participate in that could turn the tide toward improving economic conditions.

The question or mindset is who controls this Renaissance Revitalized Program (RRP) project and what role I would play amid a 200-member contribution pool. You are in control by using an electronic voting Platform as proxy & Live Voting.

The board members are contributors and will vote on project budget justification documents. In addition, the budget, team, and space allocations for training or production assembly factors for implementation.

In addition, the Forum will provide the opportunity for public companies, both Listed and Over the Counter, to share ideas, discuss issues and hopefully do business when possible.

The Forum will provide a machinist to build an infrastructure for the various platforms around bringing together two sectors within the public company arena. Additionally, this is a resource to provide mentoring, peer-to-peer industry discussion, and building business relationships.

One way to determine if this is the proper placement of time and commitment is to signup.

Membership is Free only for the time you use to participate.

The membership is a two-step process that takes about five minutes:

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