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Economic Stabilization Initiative

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Economic stabilization policies are macroeconomic policies implemented by governments and central banks to keep economic growth stable and less volatile. Policymakers carefully monitor the business cycle and adjust fiscal and monetary policy to create stable and sustainable growth and reduce the damage caused by downturns.

Next, private groups invest in intercity and rural development projects.

Now we see the emergence of online mobile stock trading and cryptocurrency apps from several sources. The question is whether this is an effective method to stabilize the economic conditions for populism.

Some issues still need to be answered: the impact of inflation that affected the overall economic balance that eroded business structures from 2015 to 2020.

According to a new UBS report, roughly 80,000 stores position to close over the next five years. The prediction follows a grim decade for the retail industry, dubbed the “retail apocalypse.” Roughly one-quarter of American malls will close in three to five years. Apr 6, 2021.

Traditional Trade career schools

Vocational and trade schools are a great way to enter a career quickly. We know the benefits of a trade school education that our leading competitors and our large businesses in their industry knowledge are doing.

The best examples are India, China, and other third-world countries.

Some groups will claim we are promoting a cheap labor scan, but they profit from using cheap labor for overseas products and then sold in the USA.

So they don’t want to stop importing goods their self-indulgence for profits, which is the Commonwealth business practice or first mature.

IJJ Corporation plans to promote its commitment to exercising the 2017 JOB Act and Opportunity Zone options created under the 2017 Tax Cut program.

We can build the infrastructure with multiple platforms to create production centers, just like India and China, and reduce our dependence on products imported into the USA that can produce.

The Solar is leading the way in the USA

By increasing employment, the Gross national product (GNP) grows. The scale of wage income creates domestic colonies communities that will purchase from within using their income to buy the USA goods they made.

We are going into the business communities with this fact to include teaming with the state government at the county level to leverage tax cuts and reduce liability for property owners of malls to participate in resurrecting the economy.

We believe the eCETP can assist in creating the wave to move in this direction, and it’s our Social Responsibility Commitment (SRC) to devote 50% of our gross profits after cost seeking matching funding from the T2500 fortune companies in the USA.

The Go-To-Market Strategy:

  1. Present our presentation to companies with Social Responsibility Commitment with economic impact initiative will participate with IJJCorp 50% Gross Profit by matching our commitment.

Encourage Companies with national commitments to participate in OZ and are willing to invest in acquiring closed, open Air malls to create training and production facilities in the USA.

We will debate the benefit of having their employees and customers participate in funding economic impact initiative by investing in eCETP with a 50% gross profit commitment or QFO, which will invest 85% of the investment into the training center and manufacturing assemble facilities.

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