Saturday, June 25, 2022

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Revitalized Renaissance Program (RRP)

Welcome to the future of the Revitalized Renaissance Program (RRP). 

This era is now a distinct period of history, standing as a crossroad into reality for the populous

Back to the time when the Nation had factor supplied our “Goods and Products“; before importing took over the lifestyle and Human Basic Needs.

We are building the infrastructure as a platform to create production centers, just like in India and China, to wing ourselves out of dependence on others for thousands of the products imported to return to a leading exporter.

What happens when two or three significant importers stop producing and disappear forever?


The Revitalized Renaissance Program (RRP) is an Opportunity Zone nationwide program to invest in developing institutionalizing production centers with free Vocational and professional training programs.

Acquire land sites to build products and training services to replace essential products that ship goods to the USA.

Over 300 USA companies are supporting and investing in foreign companies to support the importing ability to ship thousands of everyday goods worldwide.

They have inside knowledge and can help transform vacant malls, shopping centers, and Warehouse facilities in the same oversea operation that importing into the USA.

Plus, teaming with BHN (Human Basic Needs) facility deployments within Opportunity Zones with BHN’s environmentally friendly and green products.

We can do the same. It is time for the RRP.



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