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Opportunity Zones were created under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (Public Law No. 115-97)

Thousands of low-income communities in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and U.S. territories are Qualified Opportunity Zones. Taxpayers can invest in these zones through Qualified Opportunity Funding approved businesses.

Opportunities Zone Facts & Figures

As of Apr 20, 2022 â€” Population and demographics are recorded at 31.5 million people call Opportunity Zones home (35 million including Puerto Rico and the territories).

In 2018, the U.S. Department of the Treasury certified 8,766 individual census tracts across all 50 states, six territories, and the District of Columbia as Opportunity Zones. In addition, 294 Opportunity Zones contain Native American lands, and nearly a quarter (23 percent) are in rural areas.

Governors chose these communities from the broader universe of qualifying low-income census tracts. As a result, the map, the size, and other demographic data reports are freely available through the U.S. Department of Housing and Development.

In our Tracking and Stabilizing economic Programs post, we are proposing the following:

Between 2017 and 2022, private groups had already started investing in intercity and rural development projects.

With online mobile stock trading and cryptocurrency buying, Youtube money-making programs and apps from several sources emerged.

Our Mandate is to acquire the QOF and use our success story to create a free “Join Commitment to join” Creating and running a Fund Raiser is IJJCorp’s mission.

It is common knowledge that the impact of inflation, wealth trending grip, and the pandemic on the global economy created a high percentage of the overall economic imbalance that eroded business structures from 2015 to 2022.

According to a new UBS report on Apr 6, 2021, roughly 80,000 stores will close over the next five years. The prediction follows a grim decade for the retail industry, dubbed the “retail apocalypse.” Roughly one-quarter of American malls will close in three to five years.

Social Responsibility Commitments focus:

We can build the infrastructure as a platform to create production centers just like India and China and wing ourselves out of dependence on others for thousand of products imported.

The facilities are there for a Revitalized Renaissance Program (RRP) for a Nation that once had significant factories, Traditional Trade career vocational, and professional training programs as a way to enter a career.

Here, we outline the benefits of a trade school education.

  • QOF governance has rules that prohibit management control of QOF, while the board of directors is committed to the primary objective:
    • We are creating a National Traditional Trade career Vocational and professional training program with the Opportunity Zones.
  • With a massive number of real estate forecasted for closing, state governments at the county levels need to help decrease unemployment and job-creating programs. And will offer tax exemptions for long-term benefits from RRP.
  • Several investor groups buy distressed retailers at attractive prices, primarily in bankruptcy. The acquisition is selective, but mall closings are out of reach, just too many.
  • We suggest these investors can also participate by teaming with RRP to create National Traditional Trade career Vocational and professional training programs to enter a revitalized career renaissance program.
  • The T2500 will have the opportunity to create an internal career, and professional training center for their business using space in QOF acquired Mall retrofitted as their training facility and even shared compounds with 2 or more companies.
  • 338 U.S. companies operating in China found that 59.5% had increased their investments in China. Therefore, RRP could approach them to invest in the USA to open matching assemble plants and robotic plants and bring their operation (back) to the USA.  
  • There are 30 million-plus USA citizens with the right training programs that could add USA economy.

We can do the same. It is time for the RRP.



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