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eCommerce Services Provided By eCETP



The eCommerce module within eCETP provides order processing and maintains archives of customer records. In addition, it provides the provision for customers who participate in eCETP benefit programs.

eCETP is a donation and contribution platform within a private network for a selective customer base.

It offers customers a set of Donator Backer Package (DBP)with a block Account Receipt Tickets (ARTs) as the primary products, including special programs designed to increase their working capital to allocate for ongoing programs and projects.

Our clients create a private profile whereby they can review, edit, place orders, select what benefit program to participate in, and trade Ether tokens they accumulated from each DBP.


The Mandatory Training Programs (MTP)

MTP Training offered to For-Profits, State Agents selected professional Service Providers, Nonprofits, and Governments must provide the information required in their Member Evidence Clause section.

  • Participants must meet the Member Evidence Clause requirements and provide information within 30-days after signing up.
  • Application processing interface for Knows Your Customer (KYC) service provided by a Third Party KYC and AML Compliance service provider.
  • The MTP is a Virtual online training that takes the trainee through setting up a live campaign.

After completing MTP Benefits:

  • The preparation creates a reusable and expandable campaign, using a free starter package to raise between $2,400 to $6,000 within ten days.
  • Repeat the same campaign by activating an account for $50 to $350 to become a Certified Alliance Partner

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