Saturday, June 25, 2022

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IJJ Corporation (IJJCorp) Has Been A Publicly Trading Company Under The Ticker (IJJP) Since 2003.

In 2022, IJJCorp launched a WebApp titled eCommerce Exchange Trading Platform (eCETP):

  1. Our mission is to engage Major industry corporations with in-kind Social Responsibility Commitments to team with IJJCorp using eCETP.
  2. To join our economic impact funding initiative by diverting Taxable income into tax Cuts for individuals and corporations by opting to invest Taxable revenues as Tax Cuts with a Qualified Funding OZ (QFO).
  3. Lastly, to fund the resource jointly to increase employment in the USA by exercising the Jobs Act of 2017 (Public Law No. 115-97), deploying Improvement and betterment programs as the committee’s primary objective

Our Advocation:

To create an economic impact by creating a variety of Jobs using Vocational Training, Trade certification, and professional training center across the USA.

Utilize eCETP to fund the Opportunity Zone OZ Budget investments internally as an additional or alternate resource under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (Public Law No. 115-97).

To investors in acquiring OZ facilities with shared equity for access usage rights, such as Shopping Malls:

  • Open Air and selective groceries store renovations for Vocation and Specialized Certifications Training centers.
  • Where corporation participation in Job Placement programs for graduates completing their Trainers program.

Social Commitment Statements:

While becoming a QFO is a target, it does not prevent the mission from moving forward.

  • Engage corporations defined by Small Business Administration with Social Responsibility Commitments to team with IJJCorp using eCETP.
  • The objective is to create an economic impact by creating a variety of Jobs using Vocational Training, Trade certification, and professional training center across the USA.
  • We titled the Large Companies as T2500 to join IJJCorp in three categories:
    1. Companies with Social Responsibility Commitment with economic impact initiative will participate with IJJCorp 50% Gross Profit by matching our commitment.
    2. Companies with national commitments participate in OZ and are willing to invest in acquiring closed, open Air malls to create training and production facilities in the USA.
    3. They will engage their employees and customers to participate in funding the economic impact initiative by investing in QFO, which will invest 85% of the investment into the training center and manufacturing assembly facilities.

The Team Core disciplines include:

Software Development Projects:

  • eCommerce Exchange Trading Platform
  • Metaverse Deployments
  • Cryptocurrency Exchange Customizations
  • Enterprise Management Power Suites
  • MFT designs and Placements Services
  • Mobile applications

Management Consultant Services:

  • IT Management and Consulting Services
  • Network Operation Centers
  • Rapid Voice Data Transfer
  • Secure Data Center Service

Management Control

The Management team includes IJJCorp and Montech.

eCETP Support Team Structure Goals:

  • 420 State and country Agents
  • 1,200 For-Profit Business as Certified eCETP Operators as the marketing forces
  • Contractor Providing Professional Services for funded programs by Campaign Sponsors.


The Target Markets:

The marketplace selected is integral in terms of ecosystem and duality where they cross with real-time connections.

Our prospective customers are classified as partners and sponsor providing need base requirements for consumers requiring support services, whether a service as a utility, a product for consumption, or welfare as needed for lifestyle comfort.

The prospective clients:

  1. Governments worldwide at County levels and province territories with financial deficiencies
  2. A corporation with published and activity Social Responsibility Commitment (SRC)
  3. Businesses with Web2 Applications are ready to immigrate to Enterprise Web3 technologies.
  4. Tokenization of a business’s Intellectual Property and digital assets to create revenue.
  5. Requiring Full-Service project management from concept (whitepaper) to Specifications, the launch of prototypes to market deployment

We can do the same. It is time for the RRP.



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