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Subscribers Backing Ongoing Funding

The business Solution is an eCommerce Exchange Trading Platform (eCETP), a Donation Contribution Business Processing as a Software (BPaaS). We provide a Backer ecosystem with a User-Friendly experience for Backer to support ongoing budgets and project funding.

Yes, it’s essential to establish Funders as Backers!

Future indicators demonstrate that it is critical and essential to establish backers for shortfall funding for ongoing budget allocations for funded health and civil welfare programs.

Today, over 50% of American households donate billions to support humanitarian organizations worldwide, including other countries. The realization of the need to commit is mainstream with hundreds of choices.

The Backer verse a Cause Donator:

In summary, the Backer usually is a civilian living in a state, county, or
Province in a country.

When a person or group decides to donate, there are reasons governing those donations.

The two most common are:

I will Donate to help a cause is a typical response to an advertisement:

  1. Their relation to the donation.
  2. The Casuse is by seeing what happens.

Our Approach

  1. When a Sponsored expresses the importance of individual or group to Back funding from government or Nonprofit organizations’ on critical operating budgets, they share with subscribers the budgetary requirements and the adverse impact if not funded.
  2. While it is still a cause donation that tax exempted, the focus at civil levels for schools and administrative programs with anticipated or underfunded through taxation shortfalls become the reason.

Our objective is to confront the Budgetary issues and provide the tools for prospective eCETP Certified Operators to implement and engage their members and constituents.

The eCETP staffing projections to carry the message forward!

  • 310 State Agents estimated worldwide to match the number of government and Nonprofit identified budgetary issues.
  • 4 up 10 For-Profits per state Agent 1,000 up to 3,000 business.
  • Professional consultant and support services providers are unlimited as hired per contract.

We will Prevail in our Motto

Set the bar High

Create Sustainable Revenue Streams

So why eCETP? It pays the user to use the BPaaS.

How So! IJJCorp has a Mandatory Training Program (MTP):

  1. The MTP slogan: No Commitment to Join.
  2. The MTP preparation creates a reusable and expandable campaign, using a free starter package to raise between $2,400 to $6,000 within ten days or less.
  3. You can repeat the same campaign by activating an account using 2% for $50 to $350 you earned to become a Certified Alliance Partner.

To learn more: Click Here.


Member Evidence Clause (MEC) Information

General Terms and Conditions General Terms and Conditions apply...

Online Banking Payment Gateway

More Details Coming! The Purpose: For Processing eCETP (ODO) Orders.Establishing IJJCrop...


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