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Reward and Benefit Equations

There are four equations designed to offer discounts to increase working capital and also trade and allow the donor to earn additional donation contributions.


Member Evidence Clause (MEC) Information

General Terms and Conditions General Terms and Conditions apply...

Online Banking Payment Gateway

More Details Coming! The Purpose: For Processing eCETP (ODO) Orders.Establishing IJJCrop...


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Business News

The Mandatory Training Programs (MTP)

Who gets Training? Training programs are accessible to all Certified Alliance Partners. Training services are offered to the Alliance Partners interested in sponsoring funding...

For-Profit and Equation Pricing Tables

INTRODUCTION: THE SEVEN DONATION BACKER PACKAGES (DBP): Item Product Descriptions Price 1. Donator Backer Package DBP (1 Retainer Construct & 400 ARTs): $50 2. 1 Retainer Folder : $10 3. 3 Account Receipt Ticket (ART) Standard...

eCETP Deployment Strategy

We created a project titled: the Revitalized Renaissance Program (RRP) The business focus encompasses four segments as one Marketplace T2500 is promoting the RRP internally for Backer...


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