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Ecommerce Exchange Trading Platform

eCETP Introduction:

Our initiative is to enterprise donation services by launching an eCommerce Exchange Trading Platform (eCETP) for processing payments and funding services. 

The objective is to augment working capital by utilizing trustful alternative funding resources to improve community budgeting initiatives for state governments at county levels, Nonprofit organizations, and community-based projects.

eCETP also includes State Agents as regional Managers, and reporting to a State Agent are For-Profits businesses and individuals as Market developers as Certified eCETP Operators.

As a private membership network, each member must meet specific requirements outlined in the Member Evidence Clause (MEC) provisions to become an approved Alliance Partner certified to Operate eCETP.


To become a Member:

How to get started with eCETP

Each entry must pass a “Background Review”, is required when creating your donation Campaign in the Mandatory Training Program (MTP). Here you will; provide the information for the Background check to gain a temporary full access period during the KYC period after the Trail campaign.

Listen to the Videos Guides for additional information on creating your first Donation Campaign (recommended).

The Sponsor and For-profit membership enrollment include a Know-Your-Customer (KYC) service provided by a Third Party KYC and AML Compliance service provider.

Mandatory Training Program (MTP):

  • IJJ Corporation is offering free products and training to Governments, Nonprofit, and For-Profit businesses to become certified Alliance Partners to utilize eCETP to sponsor subscriber donations campaigns to fund programs and projects.
  • MTP Training is for nonprofit government and 501c organizations, For-Profits, and State Agents passing their Member Evidence Clause section.
  • The preparation creates a reusable and expandable campaign, using a free starter package to raise between $2,400 to $6,000 within ten days.
  • The MTP is a Virtual online training that takes the trainee through setting up a live campaign.
  • Repeat the same campaign by activating an account for $50 to $350 to become a Certified Alliance Partner.

The MTP Benefits:

  1. The MTP slogan: No Commitment to Join.
  2. The preparation creates a reusable and expandable campaign, using a free starter package to raise between $2,400 to $6,000 within ten days.
  3. Repeat the same campaign by activating an account for $50 to $350 to become a Certified Alliance Partner

Package Offerings:

eCETP is a full-service automated donation processing ecosystem offering three products.

  1. Donator Backer Package (DBP)
  2. Donor Package (DP).
  3. eCETP perpetual license

Each product comes with a block of IJJCoins used to purchase one of the products by accumulating a specific volume of IJJCoins.

The Marketplace:

Our target market will consist of prospective members with budgetary shortfalls within our target market.

As of 2021, the targeted market is over $53 billion annually, with reoccurring annual funding and budgetary requirements. The objective is for our marketing force to team with communities within the selected markets as an intrinsic component in creating distribution channels for donations and contributions.

Having community partnerships will aid in paving the way to channel resources to market, create the benefits of having provided funding or payment services, and use eCETP to meet budgetary requirements

eCETP private network provides structure and services to specific groups with one objective budgetary funding.

The Business Operation and For-Profit Alliance Partners Network

How to invest in building eCETP Teams:

Understanding the business objectives to create a customer base makes the investment easier to envision. To generate $240 Billion in funding using the eCEPT team of State Agents, Certified For-Profit Alliance Partners, and Service Providers by deploying resources to support e-commerce by funding real-time requirements.

eCETP’s Membership Enrollment Goals:

  1. Enroll 400,000 Certified Alliance Partner Campaign Sponsors
  2. Acquire 40,000 perpetual license Holders
  3. 500 Partnerships with publicly trading companies with investors exchanging restricted and free stock for funding.
  4. Establishing a 200-membership of companies committed to social impact for responsibility and economics.

The Business Operation and For-Profit Alliance Partners Network

The team structure creates the market with support services for each member to build the projected volume.

eCETP is not a Multi-Level or Pyramid program. Instead, it is a Corporate level operation with a three-tier Business infrastructure.

We structured a team to create the market and provide support services to build the projected volume within the targeted membership.

The Alliance Partner Sponsor:

Our clients are Tax-exempt and are either Nonprofit or Government entities.

They are the only groups that sponsor donation campaigns.

The State Agent: Reginal manager supports various services, such as goods using professional consultant services for communities and state governments at local levels in projects and programs by approving contractors and reviewing funding objectives.

Lastly, the For-Profit Entrepreneur: The marketing force is introducing eCETP to over 500 market Segments of the Target Market to become a Certified Alliance partner to fund the community-based projects and programs. The For-Profit has an initial task to become a certified eCETP Operator and bring their first Nonprofit to become a Certified eCETP Operator simultaneously.

The For-Profit will execute a contribution agreement using the support service option to designate a nonprofit or charitable project or program seeking fundraising to sponsor.

The support personnel staffing projections:

  • 310 State Agents estimated worldwide to match the number of government and Nonprofit identified budgetary issues.
  • The State Agent could have between 4 to 10 Certified For-Profits per state to support 500 to 1,000 Nonprofit organizations, including government agencies.
  • Professional consultant and support services providers are unlimited as hired per contract.
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