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eCETPeCETP Deployment Strategy

eCETP Deployment Strategy

We created a project titled: the Revitalized Renaissance Program (RRP)

The business focus encompasses four segments as one Marketplace

T2500 is promoting the RRP internally for Backer to participate in Funding the Qualified Opportunity Fund (QOF). In addition, the QOF committee will present perspectives on selected projects to fund as QOF initiatives.

State Governments are purchasing eCETP donation Packages, offering QOF projects Property Tax exemptions, plus teaming with the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

We are creating the USA eCETP marketing and Salesforce to generate IJJCorp’s 50% of Gross Profits as a contribution to the QOF fund for RRP.

Establish a committee to fund a Qualified Opportunity Fund (QOF) utilizing the 2017 Tax Cut and implement a Job Act platform within the RRP.


The Cornerstone of the IJJCorp mission is Our Social Responsibilities Commitment (SRC). We are committed to maintaining our uncompromising principles while we grow our Economic Impact infrastructure in the 
Revitalized Renaissance Program

We aim to align T2500 with IJJ’s SRC economic Impacts programs intrinsically.

We aim to align T2500 with IJJ’s SRC economic Impacts programs intrinsically.

We are advocating a Revitalized Renaissance Program (RRP) for a Nation that once had significant factories, Traditional Trade career Vocational and professional training programs, and a career path sponsored by T2500 as potential job appointments.

RRP economic Impact initiative offers an ability to reduce dependencies on importing consumable commodities and lifestyle products by creating USA-free training fulfillment infrastructures like other countries.

In sample terms, we match the resources to create the same and better operational infrastructure in countries we import products and goods essential to our everyday lifestyles.

Over 300 USA companies are supporting and investing in foreign companies to support the importing ability to ship thousands of products every day from around the world into the USA.

They have inside knowledge and can help transform vacant malls, shopping centers, and Warehouse facilities in the same oversea operation that importing into the USA.

We Can Do The Same. It Is Time For The RRP.

eCETP’s Corporate level infrastructure as a five-tier Business operation:

  1. Partners were allocating resources to implementing economic impact initiatives for Opportunity Zones funding programs.
  2. Willing to Participate in funding a Qualified Opportunity Funding (QOF) under the 2017 Tax Cut and Jobs Act, unified by the company’s Social Responsible Commitment (SRC).
  3. To sponsor campaigns internally to fund:
    • Backers donating as subscribers for ongoing and project budgetary requirements supporting RRPs, and the QOF funded.
  4. To select a contribution category(s) for participation:
    • Alliance Partner
    • QOF investor
    • Training Program Participate
    • Resource Provider: Material, volunteer services
  5. Promote the Renaissance Revitalized Program (RRP) as a National Traditional Trade Career, Vocational, professional training program, and a Job Placement for graduates completing the Sponsor’s Trainers program.




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