Funding & Payment Processing

eCommerce Exchange Trading Platform providing funding & Payment Processing Services

The System Overview:

The eCETP Enterprise ecosystem

The Backers Project and Program Donation Platform

Offering an eCommerce Exchange Platform (eCETP) as a hybrid enterprise solutions processing Donations & Contributions.

The Application offers Rewards with Benefits for participating in funding programs and projects.

eCETP is an Online 24/7 360 day Software as A Service (SaaS) Funding & Payment Processing Service.

The remaining 5 days are account settlements and reconciliation of donation accounts.


Special Training and Enrollment Initiative:

As stated, the primary module is Donation and Contribution, which is slated for development first.

Which will allow for the development of Virtual training courses and materials, standard policies, operating procedures, mandatory training enrollments conversion program, and Donation Backer Package products, and key Performance indicator Dashboards.

While raising funding the priority is once the estimated funding reaches $60,000 in Donation and Contribution will starts development in concert with training programs.

The Selected Customer Base:

A Private membership restricted to Alliance Partners for donations and contribution to the following:

  • State governments at county levels
  • Nonprofit 501c3 organizations
  • For Profit community-based entities

    Governments At County Levels

    The donation services are open worldwide with non-USA restricted countries identified as Export Controlled or Sanctioned Countries, Entities and Persons.  Alliance Partner must meet  Member Evidence Clause restrictions. 



    Nonprofit companies & Organizations

    Nonprofit organization that are tax exempted registered a 501c3 with state permits to conduct donations.  Alliance Partner must meet  Member Evidence Clause restrictions. 



    For-Profit Entities

    For-Profit organization are not tax exempted. To save guard the SaaS platform to qualify for approval the Alliance Partner must meet  Member Evidence Clause restrictions. 


    The Alliance Partner Products

    Using Ethereum Request for Comment 777 standards we repurposed the token as a folder to index a block of ERC-223 received as deposits, debit and withdrawal transaction records.

    The 777 is the Ledger index for a block of ERC 223 cryptographic hash digital tokens as the Donor Account Receipt filed as retrievable archivable journal entry transactions.

    Product Descriptions

    1. Donator Backer Package (DBP)
    2. Donor Package (DP)

    The product has four components:

    1. The ERC-777 are used for the IEO, reacquired using a Buyback Mandate provision, to repurpose the ERC-777 as a Retainer Folder to index a block of ERC-223.
    2. ERC-223, is the Donor Backer’s Account Receipt record for the donation transactions.
    3. The ERC 777 and 223 combined produces the Donator Backer Package (DBP) as the Buy 1 (Retainer Folder) and Get a Block of Account Receipts.
    4. The DBP creates the Donor donation package titled: Buy 1 and Get 2 Account Receipts.

    eCETP Full-Service Decentralised Donation Contribution Finance Service Platform


    eCETP automated features maintains secured digital ledgers for processing donations transactions as journal ledgers entries utilizing Ethereum ERC standards within a controlled dedicated environment.

    Where Alliance Partners can purchase Account Receipts for donors to back project and programs:

    The core features include:

    1. Preset Pricing
    2. Donator Backer Package (DBP) titled: Buy 1 Get  a Block of Account Receipts.
    3. Donor Package (DP) titled: Buy 1 Get 2 Account Receipts.
    4. High Earning Equation formula producing various bounce packages.
    5. Automated Processing Services
    6. 20/60/40% option plan
    7. Deposit Conversions
    8. Repeatable Self-Funding Plan

    The key element is Preset Pricing, which creates 48 to 230 times the cost of Donator Backer Package (DBP).

    The Donor Three stage Process:

    1. Donor registers first to supply required profile information for tax purposes and logs in as a donor.
    2. Selects the Donation level with or without options
    3. Makes the donation and receives the tax deduction page once the donation has completed the transaction.

    Note: The Donor/Backer will receive via email Account Receipt, also can downloads and prints.

    Establishing Accountability

    eCETP uses Ether 777 standards to generate digital account ledger transactions via the ERC-223.  This feature is mandatory for all donations as a integrated automated feature to direct all donations to Alliance Partner banking services.

    eCETP utilizes ERC-223 standard to transport and managing the  exchange of nationalize Currencies sent and receiving fiat deposits, using Metadata to generating reports, and to manage Alliance Partner Disbursement processing based on business categories.

    Mandate Provision:

    Corporate executed provision mandates the purchase of a minimum of 150 IEO IJJ Tokens per $50 On-Demand Order (ODO) using Alliance Partner’s receivables.

    On-Demand Order (ODO):

    An ODO creates two corporate Actions: 1.) execute a Buyback Provision  and  a Buy 1 Get  a 1 or more ERC-777 from the IEO Crypto Hosting platform.

    The Alliance Partner places a $50 Order to Get 1 Retainer Account with a specified block of Donor Account Receipts.

    Buyback Campaign:

    A directive that completes a Buyback order mandate provision to distribute 45% against the ODO to buy at minimum 150 IEO IJJ Tokens at $22.50 per $50 amount of the ODO.

    The following diagram provides the stages when an Alliance Partner places an On-Demand-Order (ODO):


    When considering the application of cryptographic hash tokens as a component to manage the Financial Accounting process the Ethereum ERC standards decisively was the best blockchain choice.

    The main concern was how to stabilize the token price, where it provides a measurable value to augment funding leveraged as a financing instrument.

    • The decision after several deliberations was to use Ethereum ERC-777 standard as the proof of stake as a Journal and Ledger Account record.
    • By using Ether as the journal, the Donation transaction will become a credit and debit as a deposit and withdrawal.
    • The token would maintain the record and all banking transactions assigned to a Token Index.
    • The Ethereum blockchain Smart Contracts structure presented a wide range of possibilities, where innovation had endless possibilities.
    • The use case modelling within the Funding and Payment process, using Ethereum Smart Contracts constructs for process donations created repeatable levels of correct value as a standard.

    Why Preset Pricing:

    By using preset pricing to stabilize the ecosystem for rewards and benefit packages in a self contained controlled environment for the target markets offer the best solution.

    Preset Pricing is the key earning factor in the eCETP ecosystem, with a variety of equations designed to increase working Capital gains 48 to 275 times the cost of the DBP package. 

    Price           Price Description 

    $.05      IEO ERC-777 Token.

    $.15      Buyback IEO ERC-777 Token.

    $22.50  On-Demand-Order (ODO) Mandate Provision at 45% to buy 150 IEO ERC-777 Tokens.

    $50       Donator Backer Package (DBP): Buy 1 (retainer) Get a Block of Account Receipts classified as the ODO.

    $10       Retainer Account as the Index Ledger for sponsor donation campaigns transfer to compensate the State Agent.

    $40       Donor Package (DP): Buy 1 Get 2 Account Receipts.

    $24       Donor Package Option donation @ 60%.

    $16       Donor Package Option Contribution @ 40%.

    $10       Deposit Conversion Program.

    $16      Self-Funding Repeatable Token.

    There is one exception with the Donor Package: The Donor can Option to Donate any amount at any time, from 1 penny to $1,000,000.  The Donor can Option to contribute to a For-Profit entity offering contractually a Nonprofit donation campaign support services at the preset price (more or less).


    eCETP Exchange Platform:

    eCETP is the integration of 6 different software solutions.


    1. The AWS Computer Platform as the central hub.
    2. Deploying regionalized shared processing clustered between 4 to 6 Data Centers with future expansions plans to other countries.
    3. eCETP application support services for regional processing centers and for license holders worldwide.
    4. Donation Platform integrated Coin Exchange to accept Cryptocurrencies for Donations and Contributions.
    5. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Cyber Security Suites.
    6. eCommerce buying module integrated within Ethereum’s’ Blockchain Technology.



    Account Receipts Traded internally for special bonus equations.

    A key feature is the donation fixed multipliers.

    Automated assignment of reward conversion for processing  benefits.

    Accepting Deposit Credit Card, Etherscan Block Explorer, Ether-Wallet, ETH address as a GNT address, also as an EOS address, and others.

    Fully functional with MyEtherWallet, MetaMask for transferring and receiving of Token asset from and to other ETH accounts as a sole source solution in eCETP computing environment.


    Exchange Trading Platform Assets:
    • Reward Token Inventory Generator.
    • Deposit  Cash Account Conversion module.
      Donator Backer’s ITS Inventory.
    • Donation Platform Reward to Benefit.
    • Intellectual Properties integrating module framework.
    • On-Demand-Order Processing.
    • Open market IEO inventory buyback repurpose process.
    • Retainer and Account Receipt coding and conversion assembly.


    1. An Ether exchange platform and with coin base conversion service.
    2. Customer Relationship Management environment integrated within the Exchange Platform.
    3. eCommerce application for secure mobile transfer of digital assets, with customized multipliers for Reward Benefit processing services.
    4. Real-time processing with edge computing services and reporting


    Cohesive automated dashboard processing services with multiple User Interfaces.

    A seamless integration of module processing using JavaScript’s, secured JCL Procedures for a complete environment providing real-time confirmations and notifications to users and administrators access.  

    Each Alliance downloads a remote mode processor transfer for control over all donation asset resources to designated local services.

    Performance Measurements:

    As proposed IJJ Corp will deploy a centralized eCETP Hub with cross-cluster replication to monitor and rerouting  resources between all regional data centers.

    As a proactive system of measurement to resolve uncontrollable variables and adverse environmental conditions.

    This measurement also entails after teaming with third-party experts for eCETP’s development once deployed to eliminate third party exposure and dependencies by employing inhouse software engineers and developers using AWS and data Center providers.

    Why Consider eCETP as the Alternate Working Capital Resource

    eCETP Provides Several Categories of Rewards and Benefits.

    So why use eCETP to raise working Capital?

    1. eCETP creates Jobs starting with the Alliance Partners, State Agents, Service Providers by deploying resources to support e-commerce by funding real-time requirements.
    2. eCETP is one of the greatest Donation and Contribution platform for Nonprofits and Governments to create large numbers of subscribers who can really benefit.
    3. eCETP is a Backer Donation platform where Donors register as a subscriber selecting specific categories for funding support to finance budgetary needs as a Donation.
    4. Using Preset pricing the sponsor can calculate augment funding based on several factors by each subscriber.
    5. The Sponsor messaging is “BACKING” programs and projects by promoting a real-time need initiative where lack of funding or essential programs are scheduled for elimination without the support within communities.

    eCETP Preset Market Value for Donations

    The platform offers a unique opportunity to take advantage of 6 billion Account Receipt options valued at $40 each totaling $240 billion in donations using eCETP 40 Million Retainers preset price at $50 each valued at $2 billion.

    Where the standard DBP starts at $50 for 150 Account Receipts will generate $6,000 with several DBP’s generating 40 million donations with contributions.

    So why use eCETP to raise working Capital?

    Unlike the majority of Donation Competitors eCETP is Backer based, which requires converting followers, associates, the average civilians to join as a subscriber to support adverse budgetary impacts facing Governments, charitable organizations to augment budgetary funding levels.

    It includes a For-profit Alliance Partner and State Agents onboard with one focus to aid Nonprofit entities in conducting donation for contribution after rendering services.

    Mandatory Training Program

    A Training is Mandatory Requirement with a Live Earnings using 1 Free DBP with NO commitments:

    The Training Program requires the prospective Alliance Partner to create an account, setup the subscribers, learn how to build a Donation campaign and run a live earning donation with 1 free Buy-1 Get Block of 150 Account Receipts:

    • Training program is 2 to 4 days  in preparation to conduct the Trial Testing period.
    • Training package will offer a full-service donation trial period for 12 to 14 days.
    •  With a live donation campaign with earning between $2,400 to $6,000 at 48-times the value of the $50 account activation fee.

    Community Building

    The Sponsor Creates A Network:

    Community building includes adding Business Unit (BU) teams to provide professional services.  Joining the network to participate as a member in supporting Service Level Agreements (SLA) and for  community projects seeking continuous funding.

    The BU includes prime, subcontractors, and experts in various categories seeking to provide quantifiable professional services.  Community can team a BU that is working with State Agents and/or a For-profit entity as a joint venture to proposed and bring to fruition the resources to complete a project or support an ongoing program.




    Mandate Provisions for Investors

    IJJCorp executed the following provisions in favor of the investors to support the Alliance Partner.

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