eCETP License Perpetual Plan - mobile

How the License Plan Works:

  • The License is for Alliance Partners interested in owning a Blockchain using cryptographic with fiat money as a hybrid donation and contribution platform.
  • The platform is for processing cryptographic distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) Transactions as proof of concept that authenticates, tracks, and archives transactions for Virtual Financial Asset sending and receiving fiat.
  • The License is not for resale nor the transfer of the License to a third party.
  • The License authorizes the Alliance Partner the right to rebrand, white-label, and sell donation services to any industry category.
  • On-Demand Orders (ODO), the License also includes a fully functional eCETP, with Alliance Members’ lifetime updates and support services.
  • Licenses are currently limited to 400 Alliance Partners within the Target Market.
  • Preset Pricing: Establishes acceptable currency values for calculating equations and formulas for Rewards and Benefits tables.

License Plan to Ownership

12-Months License to Ownership: $38,000

  •  Purchase 12 eCETP Perpetual License Bundled Package for 48,000 ATRs.
  • Must place the first ODO for 2 Perpetual License Packages at 4,000 Account Receipt Tickets the first month.
  • Purchase Commitment: $1583.

Option 2: Purchase Plan:

  • 2 DBP Separately at 2000 ARTs Each Month at $791. each

12-Months Obtainable Results

  • Nonprofit Tax-exempt donation: $40

•  Total Account Receipt Tickets: 4000

•  Monthly Donations goal: $160,000

•  12-months Donation Projection: $1,920,000

Option 3: Can Purchase the License anytime without penalties.