Self-Funding eCETP Campaign Module

Project: eCETP Anticipate Online Schedule.

  • Budget: $60,000
  • Delivery Schedule: eCETP anticipates operational launch requires 4 to 6 months of application development, beta testing once funded.

Project: Online and group video training programs.

  • Budget: $25,000
  • Delivery Schedule: Development with start once eCETP development enter its staging live hosting during performance level beta testing.

eCETP Funding & Payment Services

eCommerce Exchange Trading Platform (eCETP) processing funding and payments services.

The objective is to augment working capital with contributions utilizing trustful alternative funding resources to improve community budgeting initiatives.

Our Market focus are state governments at county levels, and with FOR and Nonprofit organizations for  community-based projects.

Project Overview:

  • Scope: Depolyment of a Donation and Contribution Modular Platform in concert with developing Online and group video training programs.
  • Developer Resource: Hire under contract two (2) to three (3) software Specialists as engineer with Customer Resource Management (CRM), developers with Cryptocurrency trading platform utilizing Ethereum blockchain standards repurposed as records in trading, plus accounting will be hired to develop eCETPs’ modules.
  • System Specification:  eCETP specification are prepared for technical review for establish software companies.

eCETP Campaign  Module:

  • eCETP core accounting and trading incorporates Ethereum Blockchain to manage donation contributions as a cloud app business processing platform.
  • eCETP is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform offering a full-service automated donation processing ecosystem.
  • The Clients dashboard interface are downloadable client module with the options for local and offsite storage and retrievals offering self-service 24/7 360 days.

eCETP Business Solutions:

Full-service automated donation processing ecosystem:

The platform dashboard interface includes a key performance Indicated, customizable layouts, automated integration of modules supporting client donation processing.

Offering a multi-purpose Product:

The ERC-777 digital token is being repurposed into the retainer folder for ERC-223 digital token transactions as donor Account receipts.  ERC standard Token records transactions metadata as  userData and operator Data field.

Funding & Payment:

Service involving subscription level service agreements, donations processing with rewards and benefits and funding workout and debt relieve planning, including facilitating disbursements of payments.

To Augment Working Capital:

By providing a donations and contributions processing service utilizing trustful alternative funding resources to improve community budgeting initiatives for state governments at county levels, and with for and non-profit organizations with community-based projects.