The Deposit Conversion Benefit:

The eCETP process for Deposit Conversion allows the Donator Backer the option acquire a block of 800 reward accounts within the Deposit Conversion Bonus Package.

The Donator Backer options to participate in the Deposit Conversion.

This is a special bonus offer for participating on the eCETP Trading board.  The process starts with the transfer of a $10 to acquire an ERC-1155 Retainer from the eCETP Trading Board into a conversion account assigned to Donator.  The $10 Retainer now hold a bonus block of 800-Rewards.  eCETP earmarks the 800-token block for the transferred $10, once the deposits equal $50, or 5 X 800 = 4,000 Reward Accounts are transferred to the Donator Backer’s account.

eCETP will automatically create a bonus block of rewards of 4,000 Account Receipts and provide a notice on the DB Dashboard of the increase of Reward Account ready to donations on the last $10 deposit.

The Deposit Conversion is limited to processing 6 blocks of 4,000 auto Deposit Conversions.  Totally 24,000 reward accounts for donations for any project or program sponsored by the Donator Backer.

The Bonus Reward estimated value is $16.00 per reward account times 4,000 Tokens  = $64,000, limited to 6 deposit Conversions per year at $384,000.

Deposit Conversion Example