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Deposit Conversion Example

The Deposit Conversion Benefit:

The eCEP process for Deposit Conversion allows the Donator Backer the option acquire a block of 1500 reward tokens titled the Deposit Conversion Bonus Package.

The Donator Backer options to participate in the Deposit Conversion.  The process starts with the transfer of a $10 Retainer deposit into a conversion account assigned to Donator.  The $10 Retainer now hold a bonus block of 300-Rewards.  eCEP earmarks the 300-token block for the transferred $10, once the deposits equal $50, the 1,500-Reward tokens are transferred to the Donator Backer’s account.

The eCEP will create a bonus Reward of 300 Tokens for 5 blocks, to construct up to 5 block units with a single $50 purchase.

The Deposit Conversion is limited to processing 6 blocks of 1,500 automated Deposit Conversions.  Totally 9,000 tokens are classified as reward tokens for donations for selected project or program by the Donator Backer.

The Bonus Reward estimated value is $16 times 1,500 Tokens  = $24,000, limited to 1 deposit Conversions every 120 days at $144,000