Wednesday, March 29, 2023



For this policy, we use the following definitions:

  • Partners: Employees of IJJCorp’s or its wholly-owned subsidiaries (direct or through intermediate subsidiaries). It includes eCETP Certified Nonprofits, For-Profit, and State Agents of IJJCorp operating globally and any other owned operations.
  • Professional Service Providers: Offer material, personnel, construction, and marketing resources
  • Business Partner: Third-party businesses with whom IJJCorp has a licensing or distribution relationship, including independent operators of IJJCorp – branded virtual environment, joint venture partners, and contracted distributors of IJJCorp’s – branded products and advertisements.

Our Partners:

IJJCorp respects the inherent dignity of all persons and seeks to enable Partners to do their best work by embracing and valuing each partner’s unique combination of talents, experiences, and perspectives.

Our commitment to respect human and civil rights applies worldwide—whether in our IJJCorp’s  Support Center (i.e., headquarters) or IJJCorp’s company-operated retail stores. This commitment is communicated with and embedded in our training materials, manuals, and IJJCorp’s Standards of Business Conduct.

We adhere to Core Labor Standards (ILO), including the rights to non-discrimination, equal pay for equal work, freedom of association, participation in collective bargaining, and just and favorable conditions of work, such as ensuring health and safety of our Partners.

We respect our Partners’ privacy rights, as our Privacy Statement outlines. Our approach to privacy and your data minimizes Privacy Principles protected, limited collection only for use internally, and limited use with notification to you, among other vital areas. Our Privacy Statement describes what information we collect, whether used only internally, how and when it is shared, and the rights and choices Partners have concerning their personal information.

In addition, all Partners are responsible for supporting human rights in the work environment, including understanding the IJJCorp’s Global Human Rights Statement concerning fundamental human rights. They are to uphold the provisions of these rights in the workplace. We also expect our Partners to raise awareness of any behaviors or business situations involving IJJCorp that may compromise the company’s values around the provision of fundamental human rights and report potential violations of the IJJCorp’s Global Human Rights Statement

Our Customers and Communities:

We are creating a culture of warmth and belonging, where everyone is welcome and willing to commit their time and talent to RRP funding. We respect our customers’ human and civil rights and seek to ensure their experience at IJJCorp reflects our values.

Our commitment to all customers is on our website and online via the Third Place Policy, and this commitment includes respect for our customers’ right to non-discrimination.

Our customers’ right to privacy is governed by our Global Privacy Principles, outlined in our Privacy resource sent. Our approach to privacy and data protection is by the recognized principles of data minimization, limited collection, and use, among other vital areas. Our Privacy Statement describes what information we collect, how we use it, how and when shared, and the rights and choices customers have concerning their personal information.

We are also committed to serving our communities, including people with disabilities, to participate and have access IJJCorp’s business programs. In addition, we are committed to disability inclusion throughout the company.

Our Business Partners:

We strive to work with Business Partners that share and reflect Our Mission and Values.  We choose Business Partners who conduct business responsibly and ethically, respect the rights of individuals, and help protect the environment and the people impacted by their business actions.  As part of ongoing due diligence, our Global Security and Resilience team routinely evaluates potential human rights risks in the regions where our Business Partners operate.

To increase awareness, we publish our Global Human Rights Statement to our State Agents, For-Profit committee members, and our Customers. We share this information for our representatives to adapt and become similar to our policies and commitments by participating effectively. In addition, at the operational level, grievances from the individuals and communities adversely impacted are responded to by selected Board Members directly. IJJCorp is also Committed to working with our Alliance Partners to meet the expectations detailed in this statement in every market we serve.

Responding to Grievances:

We are committed to providing safe, confidential, and accessible grievance channels to all individuals impacted by our operations and products.  IJJCorp does not tolerate retaliation against or the victimization of anyone who raises concerns or questions regarding a potential violation of our Global Human Rights Statement.

We are committed to prohibiting issues that caused or contributed to an adverse human rights impact across our network. As part of this commitment, our Alliance Partners all have our value of the continuous improvement of Human Rights. IJJCorp is committed to incorporating lessons learned from instances where we may have caused or contributed to harm and communicating the changes we introduce to prevent repeating harm.

Our Ethics and Compliance offer an online or by phone help service, a resource to submit questions or raise concerns. Available in multiple languages and accessible locally in many geographies, Partners or individuals who experience or see conduct inconsistent with our Global Human Rights Statement may use our Ethics and Compliance Helpline to raise concerns.  Reported concerns related to human rights reports to the appropriate team at IJJCorp.