Wednesday, March 29, 2023



Conflict of Interest

What is a conflict of Interest?

A conflict of interest exists when a personal interest or activity interferes or appears to interfere or cause dissension that revokes controversy. A conflict of interest may unconsciously influence even the most ethical person, and the mere appearance of a person’s integrity is questionable where conflict may arise.

In addition, all conflicts are disclosure a State Agent committee as they provided internally to determine direct action should take and what resolutions could be applied to resolve the conflict. The Board of Directors and State Agents elected board will propose or vote to change conditions that cause the conflict.

If preferred, the disclosure made directly to the Compliance Officer/Director is allowed under Ethics & Compliance.  In addition, members of the Board of Directors should disclose actual, potential, or apparent conflicts of interest with a supporting memo to the Compliance Committee.

Some examples of conflicts of interest may arise

  • A State Agent or Certified eCETP Operator (For-Profit) Acting on behalf of anyone besides IJJCorp to belittle or discredit IJJCorp eCETP donation Services.
  • We are engaging personally in transactions where IJJCorp is interested in acquiring a partnership.