eCETP License

Alliance Partner License Program

Volume Commitment Plan

Alliance Partner License Program:


  • The license is for Alliance Partner interested in owning a Blockchain using cryptographic with fiat money as a hybrid donation and contribution platform.
  • The platform is for processing cryptographic distributed Ledger  Technology (DLT) Transactions as proof of concept that authenticate, track, and archives transactions for Virtual Financial Asset sending and receiving of Fiat.
  • The license is not intended for resale nor the transfer of the license to third party.
  • The License authorize the Alliance Partner the right to rebrand, white label and are  to sell donation services to any industry category.
  • On-Demand Orders (ODO), the license also includes a fully functional eCETP, with lifetime updates and support services for Alliance Member.
  • Licenses are currently limited to 400 Alliance Partner within the Target Market.

The License Package Offering:

  • The eCETP license is perpetual with lifetime updates and software support services for the Alliance Partner.
  • License includes a blockchain Ethereum token smart contract to mint tokens for the Donation Contribution Platform.
  • The ability to create a token Symbol as part of the  licensed Package, which can creates an additional fundraising resource, if desired.
  • Eliminates purchasing Donator Backer Package (DBP), you will mint you own with the smart contract.
  • With a token symbol it creates the opportunity to participate ICO, IEO, STO for raising working Capital.
  • It also creates a trading position by supply tokens on an Exchanges, which is an asset for lending and collateralizing investments.

Donation Contributions Computation Table:

How to acquire an eCETP License:

  • A onetime volume commitment to purchase 96,000 DBP’s for $16,800 over 12 or 108,00 over 18 months. Must place the first ODO for 8,000 or 6,000 Account Receipts. Upon the completion of the volume commitment a license package is delivered with the support service for installation and turnover of the eCETP.
  • Have access to a subscriber base between 10,000 to 30,000 with an average 5% to 10% donator participation.
  • Must meet the Member Evidence Clause requirements.
  • The commitment can be cancelled or terminated for cause by the Alliance Partner. Details for ending the License option is within the Software License Agreement under the Cancel and Termination Section.

Obtainable Results

  • Nonprofit Tax-exempt donations: $40
  • Monthly Donations goal:  $320,000
  • Annually Donation Projections: $3,840,000
  • For-Profit Alliance Partners (60/40% Option Plan): $16             
  • For-Profit Monthly Contribution Goal:   $96,000
  • For-Profit Contribution:   $1,728,000
  • Annual Donation to Nonprofit Organization:    $2,592,000.

Relevant Volume Numbers:

The License program is for both the Nonprofit and For-Profit to acquire an eCETP license, using the 12 to 18 month commitment to purchase On-Demand Order:

Members of the Target Market are limited to the first 400, to commit to ordering 7 Diamond Buy-1 Get 2000 Account Receipts Packages at  3 (18 months) or 4 (12 months) per month priced at $350.00 each.

Plan I 12 month Plan (4 packages):
  1. 12 month first purchase: $1,400 at 4 Diamond at $350 each
  2. 4 diamond each with 7 Retainer at 28 per month at 336 Retainers
  3. Average volume: 8,000 IJJ-ERC-223 Account Receipts
  4. Annual Purchasing commitment: $16,800.
Plan II- 18 month plan  (3 packages):
  1. 18 month first purchase: $1,050 at 3 Diamond at $350 each
  2. 3 diamond each with 7 Retainer at 21 per month at 378 Retainers
  3. Average volume: 6,000 IJJ-ERC-223 Account Receipts.
  4. Annual Purchasing commitment: $18,900.

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